Rock, New Wave
Band Members
Franklin Murphy - keys/vocals
Drew Briscoe - guitar/vocals
Ryan Judd - bass/vocals
Dom Gullo - drums/vocals
Contact Info
[email protected]


We are a group of guys who play on top of this hill called the Freedom Barn. Franklin Murphy, Drew Briscoe, Ryan Judd and Dom Gullo all rock out on this hill and try to come up with the wierdest stuff there is without scaring too many people. We believe that our music is a little ahead of some people's time. A lot of people like it though when they first hear it becuase it really isn't something you would hear everyday. It takes a lot of practice actually to make some of the songs that we have made and luckily we all drink a lot of Pabst so practice goes by smooth. LOL. That's right we only drink Amercan made beer.

Franklin Murphy grew up in Los Angeles and has played around LA in high school. After moving to Boulder, Colorado to get his degree in Biology, he played music with a ton of bands out there the most famous and infamous, Voodoo Brown. The African Ensemble, a member of 5 years, toured around Colorado and Franklin learned so much from Kwasi Ampene and Adjei and he gives out his respects.

Drew Briscoe was born in Zimbabwe, Africa. After moving to the US to St. Lious, MS, he went to school and got himself a degree in Communications. He has been playing guitar for a long time as well as many bands back in college.

Ryan Judd grew up in the Santa Cruz and plays a mean bass. He also buys all the beer for the band. We owe him big. Ryan has a strange way of projecting his sound to the world. He definitly makes the wierd in a bad Love happen with his approach a little different than any others.

Dom Gullo grew up in Ben Lomond 5 min away from Santa Cruz in the San Lorenzo valley. Dom plays drums as well as a crazy thermin which always mezmorizes the audiance when we play. He definitly is a power drummer who is becoming and slowly transforming into a technical drummer. Dom has the bloodiest drums in Santa Cruz I am for sure.

We all met when Franklin lost his job at SC Biotech and went to go work for the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium. He met Dom there and eventually Ryan when Franklin asked if they wanted to jam. The first sessions was awesome. We were all hooked becuase we shared this same vision for music. Then Franklin wanted to get a guitar player because it would free up some more hands for him to explore more. Franklin was playing in this band called Cold Waters which was something he liked but wasn't exactly what he wanted. After becoming friends with a collegue at Biotech, Korey Griffin said he should meet with his friend Drew for he palys guitar really well. Franklin and Drew met and he invited Drew to play with Cold Waters. After hearing Drew for the first time at the Cold Waters practice, Franklin ran to the other side of the valley in Aptos and proclaimed "I have found the guitar player!". After that, the rest is history.

Live Shows

If you would like some crazy music at your show with never a break in the music, then shoot us an e-mail.

otherwise, we are working on it


We have a live CD called EGG. Shoot us an e-mail and we'll mail you a free CD! or we'll e-mail you some of our songs.

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