Self-portrait taken in Fall Creek State Park

Hi! I am one of the admins of the Santa Cruz Wiki, and if you need help you can email me for any reason at mailto:[email protected]

I am also an editor at Santa Cruz Indymedia and I encourage you to get involved there as well!

My Websites:

I love the Santa Cruz Wiki, and I have had an interest in writing, photography, and publishing in general since I was in elementary at Brook Knoll Elementary School. My first writing published was when I was in the fourth grade and was featured in the souvenir guide for the Scotts Valley Calvalcade. In eighth grade I was the opinion page editor for my school paper at Scotts Valley Junior High and at that time I also wrote a column for the Scotts Valley Banner about student life there. At Harbor High I was managing editor of the school paper The Gangplank for my final two years, and for a time period there also I wrote Harbor's version of the What's Happening on Campus column in the Santa Cruz Sentinel. During my senior year at Harbor I published my first color film photos in the yearbook.

My full name is Alex George Darocy and I was born in San Diego, but moved to the Santa Cruz area at the age of 3. My Parents are Karen Darocy, who was financial director for Scotts Valley Unified School District and my dad is Dr Alex F. Darocy, who was with the Santa Cruz Medical Clinic for years. I grew up on Oak Road in the Pasatiempo area and went to Brook Knoll Elementary School, Scotts Valley Junior High, and then Harbor High. I attended University of the Pacific in Stockton right after high school, but I then came back to go to UCSC because I missed the area. I have worked full or part time jobs at local businesses the Hollins House, Chaminade, Beacon Video, E's Liquor & Deli, and Special Effects. I have had a life long interest in photography, and after I started taking art classes at Cabrillo College, I went back to UCSC where I received a BA in History of Art and Visual Culture. I am currently working on a variety of photography projects. My Art Photography website features psychologically themed macro photographs of toys and is at I love to go to museums and art galleries, both locally and in the Bay Area, to view all types of art, and I enjoy walking pretty much anywhere, both exploring cities and hiking in natural areas. My favorite place to hike is Big Basin Redwoods State Park and I especially love Berry Creek Falls and Buzzard's Roost. I am currently a resident of Felton because I love the Redwoods so. I'm really into the following businesses or organizations: Save the Knoll, New Leaf Felton, Staff of Life, Food Bin, Dharma's, Cafe Gratitude, Cafe Carlos, O'Mei, Streetlight Records, Caffe Pergolesi, Logos Books & Records, Watsonville Brown Berets, Santa Cruz Indymedia, and I am very proud to have had celebrated my 5th birthday at Santa's Village.

Some of the photos I uploaded here were taken with a fisheye lens, so if you notice the perspective is warped in any of my shots, it is from the wide angle lenses I use!

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2007-04-30 16:29:30   Welcome to the wiki! —MaryLieth

2007-05-07 22:46:34   Hi Alex, I noticed that you have been adding a lot of bands and artists to the wiki (fantastic!), so I created two new templates: Templates/Band and Templates/Artist. Feel free to use them if you'd like. If not, that's cool, too. —MaryLieth

2007-10-08 21:04:30   Awesomeness. Thanks for contributing so much to the wiki! I'm particularly impressed with your photos of Its Beach. —Graham.Freeman

2007-10-21 08:44:40   Hi, Alex! Great job on the Santa Cruz wiki! Actually, I'm a "Dolphin" too! Went to Scotts Valley Intermediate school 1968-1969, then to Soquel. We lived on Granite Creek Road. —RichLindvall

2007-11-12 09:05:44   Wow! Between you and Mary, content if being pumped into the Santa Cruz wiki almost as fast as by all the contributors on the Davis Wiki! Good job!!! —RichLindvall

2007-12-16 18:58:49   Hi, Alex! Again, great job on the SCWiki! Regarding photo copyrights, what's the deal with images that are only linked on the wiki? Is that also an infringement of copyright? (the image isn't actually on the page, but loads to the image location) —RichLindvall

2008-03-10 14:43:51   Hey, howdy. Why did you delete the logo of the Santa Cruz Rollergirls (logos are fair use), and why are you advocating the banning of that .100 IP? I'm guessing I'm missing something here...? —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2008-03-10 15:00:06   Trademark and copyright do not apply to the noncommercial editorial use of a logo: "The Constitution does not, however, permit the range of the antidilution statute to encompass the unauthorized use of a trademark in a noncommercial setting such as an editorial or artistic context" L.L. Bean, Inc. v. Drake Pubs., Inc. If you would like, I will email and discuss it with the individual. It is very well established law that you can use it for editorial or illustrative purposes. As a disclaimer, I work in the newspaper publishing industry (and we have databanks of logos). —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2008-03-10 15:04:05   (Incidentally, I'm just offering to contact them... dropping the issue is fine with me too. Consider it a pure offer of assistance.) —JabberWokky

2008-03-10 16:27:53   I sent off a very simple, non-confrontational email. The goal is, of course, to promote community and work together. The SC Rollergirls are part of the community. I'll let you know how it goes. —JabberWokky

2008-03-10 19:00:48   Hey, Alex. I finally sorted the whole thing out. The fellow who was so strident skipped quite a bit of his story in his zeal to delete. It turns out that he's an artist unrelated to the SC Rollergirls. It seems that they stole his work and had no right to it in the first place, so it really should be removed (the artwork). It would probably be a good idea to memory hole it (as an admin, you can do this — restore the image and then delete it with the "delete permanently" option checked). Had there been a bit more of an explanation up front, it would have been much easier. —JabberWokky

2008-04-14 15:32:15   Wow! I don't think I've ever seen anyone make as many edits in one day—not even Jabberwocky! Good job! —RichLindvall

2008-05-08 19:39:20   Wow. You're crazy productive on here. Thanks endlessly.

Also, I deleted the roller girls logos permanently, which I believe is what was desired (from my reading of the various comments). Lemme know if you'd like admin status.

Cheers, —BenChaney

2008-07-01 08:02:39   Alex, I took the photos while I was in the area. I just haven't had time to go through them and adding them to the pages. —tcnsc

2008-07-14 00:40:30   Thanks!! —tcnsc

2008-09-18 09:59:12   No, thank YOU for all the awesome info about the city - it has been most helpful in my move here from Davis. Hopefully as I get to know the area more, I'll be more useful on the wiki :). —DanXie

2009-09-22 03:17:35   Thanks Alex. I've already mocked up a page of all the mayors on Knol. Just have to find time to move it here as well. —wjhonson

2010-06-09 17:39:10   Alex-reason I sized them down is some seemed to be interfering with the text. Otherwise I just thought it made it physically more attractive. Sorry for the intrusion. —PeterBoulay

2010-06-16 15:27:00   Thanks! I don't live there, but I visit a lot. Considering moving there after Burning Man! —Yell

2010-08-25 15:42:40   Alex-would you be ok if I installed this Events Index page on Davis Wiki? Bradmandell started this on Rocwiki and I implemented it on BufWiki. I think it's a great way of categorizing events/openings by year in a way that people can just browse through and look at. I'll do the install and year-to-year setup entirely. —PeterBoulay

2010-08-26 20:59:36   Alex-installed the Index files and have started trolling for dates to categorize. Think I did 120+ edits today—may not do more til next week —PeterBoulay

2010-09-30 14:53:51   Sorry Alex- we didn't discuss the Events Index page in Wiki Administrivia and you didn't express any concerns there, so I thought it'd be ok to implement such a simple update. I removed it. —PeterBoulay

2010-10-01 11:42:03   Alex-I wanted to apologize for my tersely-worded statement the other day....been kind of rough lately. Reference:

2011-02-04 21:43:02   I must say i'm thoroughly impressed you've kept up with all this. :) —MaryLieth

2011-06-07 18:14:40   Alex, I originally removed the "Comments" macro from the Local Events page because the "Comments" line shows up on the Front Page, where we might not really want/need it... —tcnsc

2011-06-24 17:37:42   Alex — re: Sue Dee's Quilting, Knitting & More have you ever considered making people login with a valid username in order to comment? Just curious —PeterBoulay

2011-06-27 17:53:12   You *rock* and are doing a fantastic job building out the santa cruz wiki! —PhilipNeustrom

2011-07-13 17:31:40   I just want to mention, I'm continuously impressed with the work you're putting into this Wiki. It's getting better by the day. Great job! —TomGarberson

2011-07-25 18:24:14   Just want to say that I've noticed that you've been busy with adding/editing this wiki lately, and that you've added a lot of needed photos to the pages. Great work!!! —tcnsc

2011-08-15 19:00:04   Their website says they cater. Maybe give em a call and confirm??? —PeterBoulay

BTW, you can add multiple tags at the same time.  Just press tab, Enter, or comma.  --PhilipNeustrom