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Clares Street is busy with cars. Photo by John Pilge: May, 2010. Clares Street starts at

Wharf Road in Capitola. It continues west across 41st Avenue between the Capitola Mall and Brown Ranch Marketplace, and turning south to Capitola Road.

A camera has been installed at the corner of Clares Street and 41st Avenue. It's purpose is to photograph cars running the stop light.


There are no Bike lanes. Traffic can be swift —at times reckless— especially near 41st Avenue. Roads are level.

Public Transportation

Bus Route 53 travels the entire length of Clares St.


Capitola Mall Brown Ranch Marketplace

Major Intersections

41st Avenue Capitola Road

Restaurants and Shopping

Several shops in Brown Ranch Marketplace and the mall.


Two banks, one credit union, one investor, two weight clinics, and an employment center. Tanning salon, a dentist office, an optometrist, and a nail salon.

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