Percussion, Found Instruments
Band Members
Elrod - canstrument, snare, whistle, scrap a-go-go
Gus - wrenchaphone, big blue barrel
Angel Baby - hubcap, pylaphone
Lynn - steel pan, snare, green bin
Alhueche - wine bottles, big blue drum
Saska - pot lid hi-hat, bass kick pedal
Kimihiko Fresh - canstrament, junk trumpet
Corky - saw, wheel barrel, green meanie
Vasistha - hubcaps, tray o' trash, snare well as dozens of other great players including Buba, Gertrude, Hector, Cynthia, Blane, Mimi, and Triana.
Contact Info
[email protected]
We are a marching percussion band – a bone-shaking recycled orchestra – a superhero sonic force of resistance to be reckoned with!
We make percussion on tuned cans, hubcaps and barrels, drums, pieces of sheet metal, and homemade oddities.
We appear invited and uninvited at protests and celebrations, furors and fracases, anywhere there's a need to make a ruckus, to shout out and help right injustice, suffering, and oppression, to make a big noise to celebrate our victories and our losses.
Come join us!
Live Shows & Practices
Please check our website for current practice times and upcoming gigs.

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