A list of things you think Santa Cruz needs, and your reasons why.


Common-sense housing for low-income transient people

It's only prejudice and laziness that keep us from figuring out a way for enterprising property owners from making a reasonable profit on a wide array of clean, safe, minimalistic, temporary housing solutions. -vpromise


In N Out Burger

There seems to be some sort of consensus/conspiracy about this among many students. -marylieth

All-night family-friendly restaurant downtown. -vpromise

Del Taco

I'm told there used to be one in the area. Let's bring it back!


An Asian Grocery

As much as I love 99 Ranch Market in San Jose, driving that far just for groceries seems a little out of sorts. "Annie Chungs" just isn't cutting it.-marylieth


Bus that serves Eastside Santa Cruz/Capitola and the UCSC campus

That is, one that runs more than once a day (the 12 route runs once early in the morning). With the growing population of the UCSC campus, more students are being forced to live in more outlying areas and drive or take multiple buses to campus. Campus administration and faculty would equally benefit from such a route. -marylieth

Local Bus Service on holidays

I had to walk about 5 miles with a heavy pack to catch the Greyhound out of town on the Fourth of July!

Direct bus service from Santa Cruz to San Francisco

Because it's a long, yet scenic drive... -Graham, who does it 2-3 times per week

Road maintenance/widening

Highway 1 has horrendous traffic and is in dire need of widening through the region. The third lane on the southbound side that ends at Soquel needs to extend south all the way through Aptos. They should also consider adding stop lights on the highway on ramps to regulate the flow of traffic. If we can fix traffic on Highway 1, then maybe people will be less likely to flood the side streets with traffic at rush hour.


Explosions Duct tape more Video Game Development companies - Theres 2 (chronic Logic, and santa cruz games) epic swordfights


2009-09-10 13:42:59   I agree with the In N Out Burger, that's the one thing that this city truly needs. —

2010-11-07 04:02:59   Sports Bar!


2010-11-22 00:06:52   x3 on In-n-Out. Despite how good it is, no way am I driving to Salinas or San Jose for some In-n-Out. —

2011-08-07 09:48:07   drive_thru Starbucks —