Passenger Trains

There are no passenger trains which come through Santa Cruz. Instead, the Amtrak-chartered Highway 17 Express can take you over the hill to San Jose, where you can connect to Amtrak trains/buses, San Jose public transit, and Caltrain.

Freight Trains

The Union Pacific railroad serves Santa Cruz.

Leisure Trains

Roaring Camp Railroads in Felton runs antique trains through scenic areas of the Santa Cruz mountains and coastline. These trips do not have many stops- they are primarily for sightseeing and dining.

Swanton Pacific Railroad is a scale model train on ranch on Swanton Road.

Cave Train Adventure is one of the Boardwalk Rides at the beach.  It is a small train that takes passengers through a cave of entertaining diversions.

You can see the train in the lower right. This has been a popular ride for decades.


Train Stations