Lower Haight is the neighborhood surrounding Haight Street between Divisadero and Buchanan, respectively. It is also sometimes referred to as Haight-Fillmore, due to the intersection of Fillmore and Haight in the "heart" of Haight Street.

This area is considered one of the more affordable in the city, without sacrificed safety. Those who live in the Haight are either young, 20-somethings with a "hip" edge or African-American families (near the Buchanan side). Street art is popular in the area.

Popular businesses in the Lower Haight are Upper Playground and multiple record stores like Rooky Records, Tweekin Records, Groove Merchant Records and Jack's Record Cellar. Costumes on Haight, one of the best costume shops in the city, also calls the Lower Haight home.

Lower Haight is also home to many popular city bars, forming the "triangle of alcohol," as the locals call it. These bars are the beer elitists Toronado, the punky-dive Molotov's and the eclectic Noc-Noc. A few Irish bars (Martin Macks, Danny Coyle's, Mad Dog in the Fog) also claim the Lower Haight. Dance-bar Underground SF rests at the intersection of Webster and Haight.

Food is king in the Lower Haight. A fine falafel that rivals your forearm in size can be had at Ali Baba's, while a vegan can find heaven at the deli known as Love N Haight. Rosamunde's has all of your sausage/brat needs covered, and Burger Joint provides your grease fix. Lower Haight has a Whole Foods supermarket as well as several corner stores for your liquor desires. A meat market rests at the corner of Fillmore and Haight. Several Thai joints pepper the street of Haight, as well.

For the coffee fans, Cafe du Soleil will satisfy your cravings and Cafe International serves up coffee alongside open mic nights and cafe sandwiches with wine.

Lower Haight also claims several salons, oddly enough. Wak Shack and Firehorse are some of the most popular.

A Laundry Locker even claims space in the Lower Haight!

As far as public transportation is concerned, Haight Street is home to the 6, 7 or the 71 (and the 71L). The 22 runs through Haight along Fillmore Street and the N is super-close along Duboce just a few blocks downhill.

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