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East Street and North East Street together form one of the main north-south thoroughfares in Woodland. They overlap with portions of County Road 100 and Highway 113.

South of town, East Street begins at a dead end south of County Road 25A, next to (but not connected to) Highway 113. East Street becomes North East Street north of Beamer Street. North East Street becomes Highway 113 north of the Interstate 5 exit (just north of Harter Avenue).

North of town, Highway 113 turns west aCounty Road 17, separating from County Road 100. County Road 100 continues north from County Road 17 to County Road 15 but also forks just south of County Road 15. (There's a three-way intersection at which all three directions are County Road 100.) The extra fork of County Road 100 goes due west and ends when it meets back up with Highway 113.

Except for County Road 25A, no street passes through East Street or North East Street without changing its name. The word "East" gets added to the beginning of each street name when the street crosses to the east of East Street. These are formally separate streets; however, unlike when streets pass through West Street or Beamer Street, the address numbers do not get reused between, for example, "Main Street" and "East Main Street." West of West Street, address numbers increase from east to west. East of West Street, address numbers increase from west to east. Address numbers continue increasing as you proceed eastward from East Street.

North East Street

North East Street runs from Beamer Street until it becomes Highway 113 at its Interstate 5 exit. It passes by O Teriyaki, Ranch Kitchen, and The HIVE Tasting Room and Kitchen.

Kentucky Avenue gets "East" added to the beginning of its name east of North East Street.

North East Street has been planted with street trees by the city. The street trees include the invasive weed species European Olive (Olea europaea) but also two species native to WoodlandWestern Redbud (Cercis occidentalis) and Valley Oak (Quercus lobata). Non-native London Plane (Platanus × hispanica) trees are also planted by the city along North East Street.

East Street

East Street runs from Beamer Street to a dead end south of County Road 25A. It passes by Morgan's Mill, 7-Eleven, the Children's Home Society of California, Jack in the Box, a Woodland Joint Unified School District administration building, the Historic Woodland Train Depot, Mobil, El Torito Meat Market, India Spices, Inc., Barajas Deli, Taquitos la Bombonera 2, Power Market, Tacos La Piedad, the Yolo County Historical Society, El Patio, the County Fair Mall, Tredway Park, Woodland Sports Park, Woodland Off-Leash Dog Park, and Almond Lane Farm Stand.

Except for County Road 25A, every street that crosses East Street changes names. The street name changes are shown in the chart.

West of East Street East of East Street
Beamer Street East Beamer Street
North Street Lemen Avenue
Main Street East Main Street
Oak Avenue East Oak Avenue
Gum Avenue East Gum Avenue
Gibson Road East Gibson Road
County Road 24A Sports Park Drive

East Street has been heavily planted with street trees by the city. The street trees include the invasive weed species European Olive (Olea europaea) but also two tree species native to WoodlandCalifornia Black Walnut (Juglans hindsii) and Valley Oak (Quercus lobata). Additionally, Western Hackberry (Celtis reticulata) is planted along East Street and is native to other parts of California. Other non-native street trees on East Street include Common Hackberry (Celtis occidentalis), Chinese Hackberry (Celtis sinensis), Goldenrain Tree (Koelreuteria paniculata), Crape Myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica), Fruitless Mulberry (Morus alba), Chinese Pistache (Pistacia chinensis), and London Plane (Platanus × hispanica).