Olivia Brown is a candidate for ASUCD Senate in the Fall 2012 ASUCD Election running on the SMART slate.

Experience: Holistic Retention Coordination- Student Recruitment and Retention Center August 2012-Present ASUCD Ethnic and Cultural Affairs Commission, Commissioner April 2012-Present College Spring, Academic Mentor June 2012-Agust 2012 Administrative Director- Student Recruitment and Retention Center August 2011-June 2012 Campus Unite- UC Davis Campus Representative August 2012- Present

Candidate Statement

Hey Aggies!

My name is Olivia Brown, and I’m a fourth year Community and Regional Development major running for ASUCD Senate with the SMART slate. In addition to currently serving as a Commissioner on the ASUCD Ethnic and Cultural Affairs Commission, I work as a Holistic Retention Coordinator for the Student Recruitment and Retention Center. I want to run for Senate to increase access to resources that bring a holistic and supportive approach to obtaining a well rounded and academically successful career at Davis for all students.


I will fight to increase resources allocated to the Student Academic and Success Center (SASC). This will allow for more tutoring and workshop services to service the increasing student population as outlined by Chancellor Linda Katehi’s 2020 Initiative. As our campus grows, I will fight to ensure that every student has the opportunity to succeed.


The Arts and Humanities Topical Breadth Component of the new General Education Requirements consists of 12-20 units that must be completed by all students. Classes that currently satisfy the requirement do not always provide students with the intended knowledge of “significant intellectual traditions, cultural achievements, and historical processes.” I will work to include a required course from ethnic, religious, or women and gender studies’ programs’ within this component. This change will enable and empower all students to understand the historical perspective of ethnic and marginalized communities on our campus and beyond. My goal is for this to be the first step in building a diverse and inclusive campus through the educational process.

With that, I leave you with these words. I am running for a seat on ASUCD Senate to use what will be my newly allocated resources, to better campus resources and help students reach their academic potential. In addition I want to use this opportunity to actively create community on our campus by using the academic process, enlightening students on the many communities marginalized by historical events. Academics and community building are all what I’m about, so vote me OLIVIA BROWN #1 for ASUCD Senate and SMART #2-5.

Join the movement on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/events/216552305143932/


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