• What: The Ann Arbor Bi Bim Bop lunch group
  • When: Wednesday, noonish. Introductions all around at 12:30, then discussion of upcoming events. (it used to be Thursday)
  • Where: A restaurant in town, coordinated via https://groups.io/g/a2b3; formerly at Eastern Accents

Organizer is Edward Vielmetti and Roy Richter. The groups.io group announces the location and has some discussion. Topics of discussion vary, but technology is generally a theme. Ed sometimes writes about what happened, a nice way to get a sense of who shows up and what might have been discussed. Roy carefully keeps track of restaurants and how well they handle a lunch group.

Bring a question that you'd like to have answered or a problem you'd like help solving to the next lunch.

At one point the group was Very Online, and used every possible online service to organize. Many of those online services are dormant or gone or have changed beyond recognition, leaving the good old-fashioned mailing list as the primary connecting point.

Related groups

For many years people have been going out to lunch in groups.

For many years a stammtisch met at the Old German.

LA2M grew out of A2B3 and has presentations on marketing topics; it meets Wednesdays monthly.

There is a similar group that meets for breakfast at Saul's in Berkeley, CA, organized at one time in part by Jeff Ubois. Because of the time zone difference the meetings are actually happening at the same time.

The pho list is based in Los Angeles and organizes around regular pho meals.

In the news

a2b3 gets periodic news coverage, 

Long time lunch organizer Linda Diane Feldt died in 2021, and was remembered by an Ann Arbor News story.