Working on creating an alternate history tour of Ann Arbor, and looking to solicit for sources. Ultimately, I'd like to turn this into a rich multimedia Web 2.0 sort of thing (look how I sling the buzzwords), but for now just trying to come up with a model. So, I'm looking for stories that are either conventional historical narratives (on this date here, this neat thing happened in downtownish Ann Arbor with these people) or odder, more personal narratives. Looking to include things like Joe's Star Lounge, the Second Chance, The Lab and The Pirate House, along with The Stooges Museum, SDS bits, maybe Arthur Miller etc.

Was thinking about posting to ArborUpdate to solicit stories, but figured I'd run it by you folks first. If nothing else, I figure that you could put me in touch with people who have weird stories about living around here. Feel free to circulate this message to anyone you might know who has an oddball bit of history (something happened in the Del Rio bathroom, or when Adlai Stevenson crashed at Larry's place or something).

I have a voicemail set up for this too, at (734) 274-4606, where people are free to leave stories.

Anyone game? Lemme know. -- Josh Steichmann

Sounds like a great idea Josh! Would you like to use this site - a wiki is pretty 1.0 though! ;-) Best, MarkDilley