A list of fairy doors in Ann Arbor, known to be incomplete.



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It's a Fairy Door Treasure Hunt in downtown Saline. Thanks to the Saline Downtown Merchants Association and 212 Arts Center in Saline, those piqued by a little adventure and a lot of whimsy will enjoy participating in this magical, month-long event.

Throughout Ann Arbor’s downtown, children and adults alike can spot miniature doors. These doors are built into the front of buildings, the sides of bookshelves, and even business entry doors. Even Google, upon moving into downtown Ann Arbor last year, installed a fairy door at their office. A local “non-certified fairyologist”, Jonathan B. Wright and his children first “discovered” a fairy door in their west side home in 1993. Since the fairies (and local children) liked it so much, the word spread and fairies began taking up residence at local shops and businesses all over downtown.


The city of Ann Arbor, Michigan has a wonderful local tradition that is filled with whimsy and is guaranteed to make you smile. A local artist began placing “fairy doors” around town, and the practice caught on with local residents.


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