Adanberto's on Broadway

Locations Phone
969 East Avenue (530) 893-2767
450 Broadway Street (530) 343-1039
East Ave., 24 hours.
Downtown, 8 a.m.-3 a.m.
(24 hrs. once CSUC back in session)
Names of owners/proprietors here
Payment Method
Type of payment

Adanberto’s Mexican Food is a restaurant with two locations in Chico. Both restaurants have taken over buildings previously occupied by Taco Bell restaurants. The East Avenue location has a drive-thru window and the Broadway location has a walk-up window — left over from Taco Bell.

Adanberto’s is a family-run business with restaurants up and down California, including ones in Marysville, Folsom and as far south as San Diego. As a chain, it is as charmingly authentic-looking as other local Mexican establishments, and is a huge improvement over the national chain it replaced.

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2009-07-25 09:47:22   anyone know about the vegan status of their food? —

2009-07-25 09:54:02   When I looked at the menu at their downtown location nothing screamed vegetarian at me (i.e., iirc, not even a veggie burrito was listed). It'd be nice to know if they use chicken stock and lard in things that can be easily made, and quite tastily, vegan. —RyanMikulovsky

2009-08-04 23:26:08   Yea it seems kind of strange for them to not even have a veggie burrito on their menu. I guess they dont want to make money or they use lard in everything.


2010-03-08 14:00:32   Awesome drunk food —

2010-10-20 02:53:24   fuck you , everthing here is so good, but if is you dont liked go to the fucken subway or something like that, thats veggi, dont facken talk to talk guys —

2010-10-20 02:58:28   adanbertos has veggis burritos just you have to ask for that , in i ask if is they cook with lard? but everthin is cook with oil just the beans has a little lard , i love this place , they looks so cleaning always -marisol bekerman