Getting from one side of Chico to the other can be very complicated, especially if you don't know the most efficient route. If you aren't near East Ave, 8th/9th St., E. 20th or Skyway, getting from the West side to the East side of Chico takes some navigation. Here are some pointers:

  • East Avenue and 8th Avenue (with its three roundabouts) are the most direct routes between Nord and the Esplanade. Technically West Lindo Avenue and West Sacramento also connect them. West Lindo is hard to locate, however, and West Sacramento is blocked from the Northbound lane of The Esplanade. Use 1st Avenue instead, then turn South on Warner street to get to West Sacramento.
  • Only odd-numbered avenues connect Esplanade and Mangrove. Of these, 1st 5th and 9th Avenues are free of stop signs.
  • 1st and 5th Avenues are also the only streets that connect Mangrove and the North-Eastern length of East Avenue, although 5th becomes Floral and 1st becomes Longfellow and then Mariposa (keep to the left when it forks at In Motion Fitness). This makes 1st Avenue, with the jump to West Sacramento at Warner, the most viable way to get across the middle of town. Be aware, however, that 1st Avenue can get very congested during peak hours, so it can be its own problem at times.
  • Vallombrosa also connects Mangrove and East (Manzanita) Avenue. It parallels Bidwell Park and has many stop signs. It's not recommended if you're in a hurry, but it is a pretty and typically uncongested drive.

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