This sign is posted on Highway 20 at the border between Yuba City and Tierra Buena. Photo by queerbychoice. Yuba City is a mid-sized community about 45 miles south of Chico and just southeast of the Sutter Buttes. It had a population of 36,758 according to the 2000 U.S. Census. Yuba City is the county seat of Sutter County (not Yuba County, as is often mistakenly believed). It is the twin city of Marysville, which is the county seat of Yuba County.

The most direct route to Yuba City is via Highway 99, which bisects the city and continues on to Sacramento. It becomes a four lane road through town, not a freeway, so it can get congested when trying to pass through the city. The junction of Highway 99 and Highway 20 is located within Yuba City, and is one of the main intersections.

The Yuba-Sutter area has a local wiki of its own: yubasutter


2009-01-28 18:19:05   Ummmmmmmmmmmm just north of Yuba City it becomes freeway with a few overpasses but not for long. —

  • I think that's what the entry is trying to say. It quits being a freeway right as it comes into town, and driving through Yuba City involves driving on a regular 4 lane road that gets really backed up during certain hours of the day. Is there a better, less confusing way to phrase it, since it was not meant to imply that there is no freeway nearby but rather that there is no freeway through town? —StaceyEllis