Player Demographics
Youth ages 5-18
Level of Competition and Selectivity
Everyone Plays
Spring and Fall

American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) is a volunteer organization dedicated to creating a safe, fun opportunity for youths to play soccer. Naturally, the local chapter (Davis AYSO) is always looking for volunteers... no experience necessary (really!), though you may need to attend a (free) training session for some positions.

AYSO's 6 Philosophies are: Open Registration - Balanced Teams - Everyone Plays - Good Sportsmanship - Positive Coaching - Player Development

AYSO has a "headquarters" building in Community Park just south of Community Pool. The building is generally open when soccer is being played or for training or meetings, but an email or phone call is usually the best way to make contact with the organization. There are a lot of emails and phone numbers to choose from... see for more information.

AYSO's main programs run in the Fall and the Spring. During these seasons there is a great need for volunteers to be coaches and/or referees. They also encourage youth to fill these positions. AYSO also has a program called AYSO VIP which provides a quality soccer experience for children and adults whose physical or mental disabilities prevent them from successful participation on mainstream teams. This program also runs as a camp during the summer. In the winter, they have a season called SELECT where players are scouted in the fall and selected and chosen to play on competive SELECT teams.


a behavior reminder sign located at an AYSO playfield