Quarter Slots

Sometimes you just need change. Be it for laundry, to make a purchase from a vending machine or to prep for a game of quarters. Here are a few places in Davis to acquire coin tender.

Around Town

On Campus

  • MUGA - between the token machines (only accepts $1 and $5)
  • Meyer Hall - second floor, behind the elevators. (Is frequently empty or out of order.)


There used to be one next to the elevator on the lowest level of the North Entry Parking Structure, but was out of order for awhile, and TAPS said it would be indefinitely out of order in 2007-02. It was removed later that year. The Shields Library machine has also been removed as of August 2008.

Where do you find change?

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2007-02-07 00:15:13   I'm pretty sure the MUGA change machine only accepts $1 bills. At least, as of 1/2007. I recommend just going to a bank and exchanging larger bills. —LeonardMarque

2008-04-16 16:55:24   I've had $5 go through at the MUGA and Shields change machines as of spring 07. —JenniferRutherford

2009-07-24 13:11:55   I went to Meyer Hall today. However, I did not find any change machines behind the elevators at the 2nd floor(I checked the elevators in both buildings of Meyer). Has the change machine being removed? —warmsmile