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Dave Karimi has been a columnist with the California Aggie since 2009 (or seemingly so; the Aggie archives are a bit broken). His self described style of writing is "profanity-laden, unintelligible drivel packaged neatly into 600 words", and his topics tends to be observations on modern life. His columns range from email Spam to how older people speak (a dialect he refers to as "Old-Fartese"), a trip to Costco and an oddly surrealistic and psychedelic ode to several local area toilets.

His humor is caustic, politically incorrect and — if those two don't turn you off from it — damn funny. His November 24th, 2009 column about meeting women and hipster appropriation of culture contains the observation, "All those things aside, you don't need to look away from me if I smile at you. Every time I get this response from a pretty girl, I imagine them thinking, 'Please don't mount me. I just want to get to Wellman.'" If that amuses you, you may do well to read some Karimi.

Karimi is also an Associate Justice of the ASUCD Court.


Due to the bi-annual "let's change every link on the Aggie archives" drive, these may break in the future. If they didn't lose the old archives (again), try searching for his name.


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