The Westlake Plaza Location
The Downtown Location", on "G Street
The Oakshade Town Center Location
Westlake Plaza Location
Downtown Location - CLOSED!
Oakshade Town Center Location
1260 Lake Boulevard #110
638 G Street
2101 Cowell Boulevard
Next to Lamppost Pizza
Next to Ken's Bike & Ski near Davis Food Co-op
Next to Great Clips
Mon-Fri 7:30am-6:30pm, Sat 9:00am-5:00pm
Mon-Fri 7:30am-6:30pm, Sat 9:00am-5:00pm
Mon-Fri 7:30am-6:30pm, Sat 9:00am-5:00pm

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A local wedding dress preserved by Executive Cleaners Executive Cleaners offers garment care services, especially eco-friendly dry cleaning. Executive Cleaners offers the following services:

  • Dry cleaning
  • Laundry services
  • Tuxedo rentals - available in all three Davis locations.
  • Alterations
  • Wedding gown cleaning and preservation
  • Household items including down comforters and sleeping bags
  • Leather/Suede care
  • Special cleaning on beaded and sequin garments
  • Reweaving

Our newest "Executive Cleaners" store opened in September 2012 at the Oakshade Town Center, located at 2101 Cowell Blvd., in the same shopping center as Safeway and OfficeMax. The Davis Enterprise wrote an article about the owner, which can be found here.

In addition to our Davis locations, we have a fourth store at the Elkhorn Center on 4405 Elkhorn Blvd. in Sacramento. (916) 338-5681

See the Laundry & Drycleaning page for other businesses providing clothes cleaning service or check the Tailoring page for a list of other tailors within Davis.

For Alterations and renting formalwear tuxedos, dresses, and accessories go to: Executive Alterations & Formalwear

What was your experience with Executive Cleaners?

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I took several white dress shirts to Executive Cleaners (formerly Star Cleaners) to be laundered, starched and pressed. When I went to pick them up, the woman told me that my shirts were allegedly too small to fit on the machine and she had to press them by hand. This is really ridiculous because I am a medium-sized guy and have never had any problems at any other cleaners. She told me she wouldn't charge me extra this time, but next time she would. The service was already a bit expensive compared to other cleaners I've been to, even without the hand pressing. I will not be taking my shirts back to Executive Cleaners.RobertDow

They did a nice job on my suit!MattNagel

2007-09-10 20:23:40   I have had lots of dry cleaning done here with excellent service. I also had a fancy dress altered here - they did a great job and didn't charge too much. —rachelss

2008-05-03 15:30:00   I called and gave the size of my item to be dry cleaned and received a verbal phone quote. Then, I took the item into the shop and asked what the price would be to dry clean and was told the same price. Then, when I went to pick up the item after dry cleaning, the owner (same person that gave me the in person quote) charged me over *twice* as much as I was quoted verbally on the phone and in person. Was my first and last experience at Executive Cleaners! —TillSey _(We don't usually give verbal quotes over the phone for this specific reason but if we do, we always tell our customers that whatever we're quoting them will be an estimate. We need to look at the garment in person to price them and if we ever need to change the price for any reason, we always contact the customer for approval before proceeding with work. This has always been our policy.)

2008-09-05 10:58:42   I always go here for my dry cleaning needs. However, something I've learned from previous dry cleaning places is to always get things in writing. Verbal quotes are as useful as those plastic bags given to protect your clothing. At first they seem great, but upon re-use, you'll find them a bit bothersome if not useless in the long run. —SunjeetBaadkar -(We always give itemized receipt to our customers at the time of the drop-off so the customers know exactly how much the order will be unless the customer doesn't want a receipt.)

2009-05-09 08:37:24   I have been using executive cleaners for two years now and find them to be the best cleaners in Davis. I have no idea why I see some bad reviews. The woman that runs the store does a very good job and is very helpful. I tend to wear more expensive types of clothes that need to be dry cleaned and it's very tough to find a reliable dry cleaner. Executive is very reliable and the pricing is fair. I think they just opened another store by co-op. I saw a coupon in the Davis Enterprise for Executive cleaners opening on G'st. —kylejf

2009-05-12 22:06:38   I don't ordinarily write reviews like this for anything, much less my neighborhood cleaners, but I'll sure make an exception for Executive Cleaners. I work in a corporate setting, and I've been taking my dress shirts and quite a bit of dry cleaning (pants, blazers and suits)to Executive Cleaners's West Davis store weekly for the past three years. The quality of their work is superior and the owner is very professional and knowledgable about the best way to clean various garments. She also does excellent alterations. The store is spotless, and I think their pricing is more than fair. Whenever I've been given estimates, for cleaning or alterations, that's exactly what I'm charged. If there's a question, they call before doing anything. The owner told me she just opened another store next to the Co-op. I've used other cleaners in town before I discovered Executive Cleaners, and I wouldn't consider taking my shirts anywhere else. Highly recommended. —DMW

2009-07-07 07:19:37   I've gone to the location by the Co-op 3 times. I've been happy with the results and that this is a green cleaner. However, the fact that I have never received an in person quote means I'm taking my business elsewhere. The first time (and 15 minutes later), I got a handwritten piece of paper listing my pieces since the woman couldn't figure out how to input the items into the computer. This was later followed up with a phone call from a different person giving me a quote. However, I didn't get any type of quote on either the second or third trips. So, the $81 price tag yesterday for cleaning 6 items (actually 7 since I didn't realize there'd be a separate charge for a belt on a dress) and 2 alterations means I'm now yet again looking for another dry cleaner. —KaraU

2009-11-09 09:57:45   We've been going to Executive Cleaners for a few years now. We use them regularly, for drycleaning and alterations. Their work is impeccable, as is the service. The personal phone calls and professional attention from Lydia are far above what I've experience elsewhere. She has helped me carry clothes to the car, and accommodated me when I needed something altered quickly. I would recommend them without reservation. P.S. I have always been given a written quote when I drop the items off. —MrsC

2010-01-09 08:53:56   I take all of my pants here to get hemmed, and my coats to get cleaned and fixed up. Lydia is very nice, and the work done is always perfect. —ChristyMarsden

2010-05-28 13:44:00   The West Davis location is excellent. Lydia is a gem and always gives first rate service. —browneyedblues

2010-09-07 20:18:25   I brought a few items in for cleaning for my trip over seas. I informed the cashier the importance of having them ready on time and if it was an issue I would gladly go somewhere else. She reassured me they would be ready on time and that it would not be an issue. After having me PREPAY for the items she said they would call me by the night before I needed them. Wanting to reassure myself that the items would be ready I called that afternoon, the woman snidely said she remembered me and told me I would be getting a call that evening at 7:30 for a late pick up after their regular hours. So, 7:30 turned to 8:00 and still no call. I have tried calling them many times now and even drove by to see if anyone was still there. No answer at the store or on the phone. I will NEVER be using this cleaner even again. This will ruin my trip as I will have no clothes to wear for weeks. As a warning to prospective customers, I would advise you to find a better place to have your items cleaned. —MWen

  • I think this customer forgot to mention the fact that he wasn't even charged a special charge for his two shirts even though it was before three day, labor day weekend. We were trying to help him out by having his shirts ready after hours (this was the only way we could have them ready before he left for his trip at 5:00 a.m. the next morning) We also called him that night to let him know that we were having some diffculties getting to Davis by 8:00 p.m. as we have promised and that it'll be a little bit later. He got his shirts back close to 10:00 p.m. that night. We believe we were trying to go beyond our call of duty but instead of being appreciated it, we got a slap in the face. This incident definitely would not discourage us from doing special favors for our customers but we will defintiely be more cautious about who we help out. We're just really disappointed that it turned out this way. All we were trying to do was to help out a customer who was in need of a help.

2010-09-07 23:39:47   I can't comment on rush orders, as I haven't had to do anything like that. My wife and I have been here a few times now, and they've been great. I've had a couple of suits cleaned and one suit altered, and they did a great job. They also managed to remove a couple of tough spots from my wife's silk dress. They were up-front about not being able to guarantee they'd get the spots out, since it was silk, but it came out great. Everything has been ready on time. —TomGarberson

I had a several holes in a sweater darned at the downtown location. I wasn't even sure if it was possible. You can barely tell where the spots were, except the largest one. Beautiful job, and very reasonable.

2011-02-16 16:56:50   I've used the West Davis shop for about a year. Before that I used to drop my laundry off at Swanson's when I was commuting to my office in Sacramento. I made the switch because it is very handy (good hours), they do good work (got some pretty tough stains out) plus they do alterations which is really handy in one place. I guess I also like the idea of it being a neighborhood shop (versus a chain). —StanS

2011-03-30 11:17:06   Had a few of my shirts taken in here, did a great job. —tombrokaw

2011-04-21 18:34:11   The girl who works there named Barbi is awesome! I'm short and have a hard time finding pants that are my height, so I always take my pants to her to be hemmed. Prices are reasonable and she really knows her stuff. —gurglemeow

2011-06-23 12:23:24   LATE and DECEPTIVE = FIND A DIFFERENT DRY CLEANER!!! I dropped off 5 items and asked if they could be ready for me to pick up in the morning Tuesday. I arrived at 5pm Tuesday and the woman (the owner I think) said all but one of my items was ready. She said the last one had been delayed, and I could come in the first thing the next morning to get it. Like it was no big deal. I had an early flight the following morning, so YES big deal. She didn't even offer me a discount or the cleaning for free.

Even worse, I picked up the blouse today and it has three HOLES in it, each about the size of a pea!!! It looks like the fabric fell apart or something from the dry cleaning. It was an expensive blouse and the fabric is delicate. I had confirmed with the woman, the owner I think, that it cound be cleaned. There are actually some small pieces of red tape the cleaners had put over/next to the holes. The real killer is that they had carefully folded the blouse over the hanger so I couldn't see the tape/holes when I picked it up. I got home and took it off the hanger, and there were the holes and tape. I'm going to bring it back and see what they say - but given the poor service so far I doubt they'll do anything.

This was my first time bringing anything here and it will definitely be the last. —resident

(In this particular instance, the blouse this customer is referring to was a rejected item. When our cleaning technician finds a defective item such as with holes, tears, or discoloration, the garment gets returned to our store without being cleaned. Our technician will put a tape on the area where there’s a defective conditioning to alert the customer. That’s what the red tape was on this particular blouse. The blouse was returned to our store right away without being cleaned and was hanging in the back to be returned to the customer. When this customer came to pick up her order, we had completely forgotten about the blouse hanging in the back and assumed that it got delayed in the cleaning process for other reasons. We asked her politely if it was okay for her to pick up the rest of the order and pick up the missing item at a later date. She said that was fine and will return later. Soon after, we discovered the blouse and put it in our system to be returned to the customer with a note to let the customer know what had happened to her blouse. Apparently, this customer came to pick up her blouse around June 23rd. It was our intention to let her know about the status of her blouse at the time of the pickup. Unfortunately, one of our new employees was working at the time and had failed to communicate to her about the condition of her blouse. We take full responsibility for the misunderstanding and we apologize to the customer. As a small business, we thrive on getting customer’s feedback and believe that’s the only way we can provide better service to our customers. Again, we take full responsibility for the misunderstanding and will try in the future to do a better job of informing our customers about their order and only hope that we will be directly notified of our mistakes.)

2011-07-19 20:29:21   My husband and I have had several articles of clothing altered at both Executive Cleaners locations. The work has included hemming pants, sewing buttons, taking in the sides of shirts and the waist on shorts, and transforming dresses into shirts. All I can say is that the finished work is nothing less than exceptional. Everything looks so professional. Lydia and Barbi are very talented and I highly recommend them. —SchorreOldham

2011-07-21 11:06:53   Whenever I need to get my clothes altered or cleaned I always go straight to executive cleaners. I love going here because the costumer service is outstanding, they are very welcoming and professional. The store is always very clean and tidy as well. The seamstress, Barbi is very nice and she always talks you through her pinning process when you are getting things altered, making you feel confident that your clothes will come back fitting perfect! I have taken several dresses to be hemmed and have had my jackets cleaned, and they turned out fabulous! I am so happy that I chose to go to executive cleaners, and I will continue to. You get your moneys worth every time. Great Atmosphere! —NyssaFullmer

2011-09-03 08:08:54   I've always been very happy with the work done at executive cleaners. I never thought they were too expensive, as some reviewers have suggested. They do a great job on hemming pants and dress alterations, so I always feel like my money is very well spent. —KimberlyWarren

2011-09-07 14:43:13   I took a sequin dress in to get a some of the missing sequins replaced. They did a wonderful job! I can't even find where the original damage area was. I was also able to get it back in less than 24 hours. I'm very happy with the job they did. —LeslieStewart

2012-01-30 10:56:01   I’ve been to the Westlake Plaza location of Executive Cleaners at least 4 times within the past 3 months, and I have to say that I am very happy with their services so far. The first time I came in, I was with my boyfriend. I asked to have my pants hemmed while he asked them to dry clean his slacks. We received our clothes back on time and were highly satisfied with their work. Since then, I’ve been coming back with more clothes to alter. The employees are polite and very efficient at their work. In terms of dry cleaning and clothes alterations, I’d say their prices are fair. I honestly have no complaints in regards to their business and I’d definitely recommend them. —LyndaLe

2012-03-06 16:16:53   What are thereabout prices for a two-piece medium suit? —MilesThomas

2012-03-20 21:09:18   I give this place (G st. location) an AA, which stands for... Absolutely Atrocious! I registered an account here on Davis Wiki just so I could post this review. That's how bad my feeling is about how I was treated here. I brought some jeans in to be dry cleaned. Yes, yes now of course I know you can wash jeans in a washing machine but I've learned that if I want my jeans to remain somewhat like they were when I bought them i.e. same size, still somewhat newish looking denim, not faded etc. it's best to just dry clean them, so I go to the extra trouble of doing so. Never had any problem doing so in the past, that is until NOW. Imagine my surprise when I took the jeans out of the plastic after getting them back from this place and found they were riddled with faded wrinkle marks as if they had been laundered in too large a load and then put in a tumble dryer with the same and then just ironed out to get rid of the wrinkles (but not their faded scars of them!). Not only that, but they no longer even fit! They come to above my ankles now and the waist is too small for me to even button the lowest button (!), and to think I used to wear a belt with them! It was quite obvious to me what happened. So...I take them over to the place. The same person is there-a young woman (Lydia it seems like maybe? Barbi? I don't know-I was too incensed to remember her name later on). I explain the problem-show the multiple reasons why I can only assume that the jeans were not even dry cleaned but just thrown in a washer etc. or at least dry cleaned very improperly. I mean aren't a couple of the points of dry cleaning so that things won't wrinkle that shouldn't and so things won't shrink that have a tendency too? She insisted that the jeans were dry cleaned though despite this, even though she implied she wasn't the one who performed it so I don't know how she would know/could be certain. She offered no help at all in terms of dealing with the problem i.e. consulting management/the owner or even just giving me a refund of the cleaning fees. Not only that, but..get this, she actually had either the audacity or stupidity (maybe both?) to suggest that maybe it was the jeans' fault! That they were.."defective"?! Yeah right! These relatively new jeans that had never been laundered, Levi's 501s-jeans that have been being made by Levis for oh I don't know how long, 50 years maybe!!? Forgive me if I have a hard time believing that they make very many "defective" pairs these days. And since when are wrinkles and shrinking the fault of the garment? Anyways, I told her (the employee) that this was simply unbelievable and unacceptable, that my jeans had been ruined, and with such an utter lack of any customer service at all (no help!), that I would never be coming there again and would be writing as scathing a review as I could muster, so no one can say that they didn't have this coming to them, at least not the employee that "helped" me. Congratulations Executive Cleaners! Due to me paying money and wasting time for your service, which you seem to define as ensuring that I will now have to spend 3 or 4 times as much for a new..pair of jeans, you have managed to actually make me hate you, something that is very hard for a person to do, let alone a business. Now this unresolved problem may be largely the fault of the one employee, as she could have made an effort to resolve it somehow and failed to but, is it not somewhat the fault of Executive cleaners for hiring and keeping such an employee, not to mention the "cleaning technician" whoever that was? I cannot at this point in good confidence say anything but to avoid this place, or at the very least use extreme caution in dealing with them if you simply must. Beware. You have been warned. —EvanJones

2012-03-29 21:30:33   I must amend or at least follow up my last/the most recent review. Around the time of that post (so I'm not really sure if it was because of it or non-related) they contacted me and asked me to bring my jeans back. They are now working on replacing them so I'm told. —EvanJones

(This issue has been resolved. My name is Barbi and I am the seamstress and part-time manager of the downtown store. I personally took this customer's order and tagged his jeans with a "DRY CLEAN ONLY" tag, as per his request. This has always been enough to assure that an item is dry cleaned, as the cleaning technician(who is a co-owner) always pays extra attention to any specific cleaning instructions that are attached with the garment. I was also the one he spoke with when he came back in with the jeans on Tuesday, March 13th. He complained that the jeans had streaks on them that were not there before, which was true. He also mentioned that those jeans were new and this was the first time they were cleaned. He felt that the streaks must have come from washing the jeans, however in consulting the symbols on the care tag of the jeans, it said they could safely be machine washed/dried OR dry cleaned. I felt confident that even if the jeans were machine washed, this streaking should not happen, which would make them defective. I recommended to him that he take the jeans back to the store where he bought them, but he refused to listen to this and left angry. Within the hour after his leaving, I called Levi's customer care line and spoke to someone about the situation. I was told I could send the jeans in to their consumer returns department for inspection. This way, the problem would be determined by the company, and if they were found defective, they would send a replacement pair. That same day I called the customer and left a voicemail asking him to bring his jeans back in, offering to send them in as a courtesy. I would like to make clear that I offered this help the same day he came in to complain, contrary to what he says in his above comment on the 20th. However, it is a possibility that he did not hear the voicemail until later. He brought the jeans back in on the 22nd and we sent them to Levi's on the 24th. On March 28th, I received the following email from Levi's:

Hi. Cheyenne here from Levi Strauss & Co. Thanks for reaching out to us.

Thanks for sending us your Levi's for review. First off, we want to apologize for any problems you may have had with our products. We try our best to make products that last, but this time we fell short. We promise to do better next time.

In the meantime, we've taken a look at your garments and have requested a replacement to be sent to you. You should receive a package from us within three weeks. (If you sent in more than one type of garment, your replacements may arrive in separate boxes from two different warehouses.) Please note that as many of our products are offered on a seasonal or limited basis, we may need to send an alternate style or finish of our choice.

Thanks again, Cheyenne Consumer Returns Levi Strauss & Co. chetur3920379

When the jeans arrived on April 4th I discovered the actual style of the jeans was 501 Shrink-to-Fit. I read the care label of these jeans and also discovered that the print on the label said machine wash cold, tumble dry low, DO NOT DRY CLEAN; this contradicted the symbols on the same care label, which indicated that dry cleaning was a safe cleaning option. For the third time, I called Levi's to confirm that they sent the exact same style and finish as the original pair. They confirmed this, and also confirmed that even when dry cleaned, Shrink-to-Fit jeans will still shrink. Additionally, they highly recommended against dry cleaning the jeans because the chemicals in the dye react with the dry cleaning solvent and result in streaking. Though I inquired, they were unable to offer any explanation about the contradicting care label.)

2012-05-08 22:30:37   I have been getting my alterations done at Executive Cleaners for 3 years and have always had Barbi do my alterations at the G. St. location. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Barbi and the service she has provided both me and my boyfriend. Barbi has always been there when we've needed things to be altered at the last moment and I am sure worked overtime to ensure that this would be done in time for the events we needed them for. In addition to the many things Barbi has altered for me including pants, casual dresses, and bridesmaid dresses, she has also altered suits for my boyfriend. All of her work has been professional and with the greatest quality. She has a great attention to detail and to getting things right. I highly recommend her to everyone as her work is superior! —MNiles

2013-03-23 18:20:37   I have used the services of this Cleaners since 2007. Lydia is a very professional & competent business woman. My ChildWORKrens clothing have been altered, mended & patches for my sons Karate uniform added as he earned then as well as altering their costumes for Halloween & parties, ALL OF HER WORK HAS BEEN FIIRST CLASS. I have trusted her with all our clothing needs & will continue to. I would highly recommend this dry cleaners to everyone. —Almarsh

2013-06-19 17:01:22   I dropped off my leather jacket at the downtown location recently. They were friendly and professional. The jacket had some weird mystery stains, and had just seen better days—it was dried-out, faded, and rough, even though I'd tried a leather conditioner. My jacket was ready sooner than they promised, and it looks GREAT—the stains are gone, and it looks years younger, almost as good as new. Would definitely bring other garments! —zombiek

2013-06-21 13:22:41   I have been a customer of Executive Cleaners for over five years. Not only are they an excellent drycleaner, I would never trust my alterations to anyone else. From the simple hem to the remake of an entire dress they can do it all and it is always perfect! Even my husbands suits come out perfect! I am a customer for life. Dina —dina

2013-11-17 10:36:58   I was in a bike accident and got bike grease all over my brand new fleece jacket. I took it to their westlake location, and they said they'd try to do their best but they couldn't guarantee that the stains would be gone, and they might just fade a bit. Quoted me 14.50. Since the jacket was almost ruined as-is, I agreed, and when they called me to pick it up, I was shocked. It was like it was brand-new! No sign of the stain. Definitely worth it, definitely coming back again. —Madanimalscientist