General Notes is a local resource. Anyone can join us in editing the content you find here. Please note the Purpose of DavisWiki and understand that a general goal of participants is "making Davis better."


As Parents, may have content that you object to. If so please consider joining us and editing the content that you find objectionable. Your edits may be reversed, but you will have the chance to participate in making this a valuable resource for all of the residents of Davis including your children.

There is discussion about how to balance the editorial content of the wiki at Wiki Community/Room to grow.

Hey kid, support your local wiki! has good information on how to introduce kids to local wikis.


At this point the wiki hasn't been presented to the school board. If you are a teacher in Davis (or elsewhere else) who has developed a lesson plan that used daviswiki please share it here.

Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan Ideas:

Classroom Resource

Discussion of ways to introduce the wiki as a resource to students at different grade levels.

  • Elementary — Are elementary students ever allowed to use the web? Do they do so at home?
  • Junior High — Will the wiki be acknowledged at this level?
  • High School — We already have some High School students on the wiki as members. It might be a project to have them participating in editing it, perhaps for a media class?