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🦠 That was quick, we are there already. 
Well,  you know what to do. Stay calm and remain vigilant. 

There is another novelty about it, they don’t know how he got it: (bold by me, CO)

“(CNN)A California patient being treated for novel coronavirus is the first US case of unknown origin, CDC officials said, adding that the patient did not have relevant travel history or exposure to another known patient.

This may be the first instance in the country of "community spread," officials said. 

The Solano County resident was admitted to UC Davis Medical Center last week but wasn't tested until Sunday, according to a letter sent to UC Davis staff and obtained by CNN.”



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New in Davis

🎊 Grand Opening Baker Optometry 🎊 - added on front page: July 9th, 2019

Dr. Baker and his team, Lisa, Lea, Kristina, Susana, and Jerrie, welcome you in Dr. Baker's new office!

Their new office

"We are excited to announce the official opening of Baker Optometry! Dr. Alex Baker and our team are providing the same quality care and attention at our new location in the Covell Professional Center (corner of Anderson and Covell). Please contact us for exams, glasses, and contact lenses. We are always happy to answer your questions."

>>> Our own Dr. answering-eye-questions Baker has opened his new office. So it's like coming home, Davis Wiki-wise too.

--- Here, new pages based on new local businesses, new local schools, new local galleries, new and mentionable local buildings, new local initiatives et cetera et cetera, can be highlighted. Please allow newly added "New in Davis" pages on the frontpage of the Davis Wiki to stay up for at least two weeks. For this reason, don’t forget to time stamp your contribution. Only replace content above this horizontal rule. 

For historic purposes, please list the predecessor as soon as you replace one new item with the next.

1. Baker Optometry - added July 9, 2019

Featured Page

Davis Farmers Market

The Davis Farmers Market is a must-see for any visitor and a weekly tradition for many residents.


The market is at Central Park, at Fourth and C Streets downtown, rain or shine, and is a Certified Farmer's Market... everything sold in the market is either grown or made by the seller, including certified organic produce, fresh baked goods, flowers, and many other quality products. Sample delicious fruit while mingling with vendors and neighbors. The Yolo County Health Department's "no dogs" policy is strictly enforced in the pavilion area.




Davis Wiki

The Aggie ran a news story about the Davis Wiki on February 25th.  However, since students are free to publish anything on these pages, it is essential to remember that student newspapers are not consistently reliable, up-to-date sources of hard facts and cannot be taken entirely at face value.


Davis Issues

Some pages dedicated to issues of interest:

​And some issues that are no longer "hot":

Mystery picture

Do you have a good Mystery Picture? How's your Davis knowledge? Where around Davis was the following picture taken? Take a guess!

New Mystery Pic, July 19, '19 (by CO)

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