Late night cravings kick in

1020 Olive Drive
On Olive Drive and Richards Blvd., just north of the 80 overpass
Sun-Thu 10:30am-1am
Fri-Sat 10:30am-1:30am
(800)786-1000 customer service (the "proper" number to call)
Don't let "Customer Service" throw you off, a REAL PERSON answered the phone!
(530)758-0183 direct (not for phone orders[disconnected July,23 2009])
Secret Menu

In-N-Out Burger, California's famous burger chain, serves some mighty fine hamburgers for reasonable prices. Because they are open late, it is a popular locale for students craving the unique blend of grease, deliciousness, and reliability that In-N-Out offers. In-N-Out, as well as Redrum Burger, is also a draw for people returning to the bay area from Lake Tahoe.

The menu is stupifyingly simple, but they have the ability to make a lot more than what's on the menu, such as "animal style" burgers (grilled onions), "4 by 4" burgers (four patties, four slices of cheese), grilled cheese, protein style (no bun), etc. The complete "secret" menu can be found through the In-N-Out Secret Menu entry. In-N-Out prints discreet references to Bible verses on their paper products. Also see the Wikipedia entry for complete information on In-N-Out, including cult lore and everything else you'd like to know (although it's notable that at least one well regarded foodie website considered our wiki to have the better secret menu info).

For the plant eaters

Okay, sure... this is a place that has the word burger in their name, but there are options if you don't want meat. It may not be vegan, but for a stunningly good meal, try ordering a grilled cheese with grilled onions. You're not going to get a thin, depressing afterthought, but rather that paper hatted and apron wearing fast food worker will slide you a huge sandwich stuffed with slices of tomato, a thick layer of cheese, and crisp lettuce (iceberg, but good for iceberg). Even if you do, as a past President once remarked, "enjoy the beef", it's worth ordering at least once to check out your options. Plus, coming in at only $2, it's a great buy for a big meal.

In-N-Out accepts Visa, Mastercard, and cash. They started accepting credit cards in November of 2005, and there was much rejoicing.

The In-N-Out in Davis have some fans at the front entrance to help keep the indoor temperatures cool and also keep flies out. Popular in colder climates to block air from going in and out (ha!), it is called an air door.

Check out the distribution of In-N-Outs on Fast Food Maps. In-N-Out is a cultural touchstone of expatriated Californians. If you find another former California resident while you are in another state, there's a very good chance that In-N-Out will quickly be mentioned among the things that are missed.


Would neon lie? regular coffee lid on a regular coffee cup, for some reason it looks huge! Animal Style Cheeseburger, with chiles, extra everything ($2.20)

How was your In-N-Out?

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2005-11-08 19:35:47   Now that In-n-out will be accepting credit cards soon, I wonder if anyone will carry cash anymore? I mean, aside from Mishka's. —JaimeRaba

2005-12-12 13:13:01   We go there becuase you can see the stuff is fresh BUT....the burgers are extremely small, the fries are made of not good potatoes resulting in not really tasty fries —GilCo

2005-12-12 14:34:59   I get full on a regular burger even after I ask for no sauce. If the regular is too small, have a double-meat or double-double. Please elaborate on "not good potatoes"—what aspect of the potatoes do you dislike? —JudithTruman

2005-12-12 15:49:34   I love the burgers here — the cheeseburgers, done animal style, are fantastic, and they're a good deal to boot. I'm not at all a fan of the french fries here — they taste bland to me (I'm much more partial to Wendy's fries). —AlexPomeranz

2005-12-12 17:21:20   In-N-Out burgers are extremely large compared to any other basic fast food burger I can think of. Places like Murder Burger get bigger, but I consider them more of an eatery than fast food. GilCo doesn't sound to credible in this department. —JaimeRaba

2006-01-05 19:59:39   I love In-n-Out. It's pretty much the only fast food restaurant I will eat at. I don't go that often, but they are damned tasty when I do. My favorite aspect of the restaurant is that I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be killed by e-coli or deal with an unhappy employee ('cause they're paid so well!). —SS

2006-01-05 20:05:49   there is a really hot person who works there —RohiniJasavala

  • Some of those workers do look like they sweat a lot... - RoyWright

2006-01-18 12:51:31   Grilled cheese, animal style, raw instead of grilled onions. Takes years off your life, but so worth it. —AhuShahrabani

2006-01-18 18:33:22   I always get fries no salt (have you watched them dump the salt on?) and ask for a side of sauce to dip. They always forget my dippin sauce =/ —JoAnnaRich

2006-01-19 00:44:13   I love In N Out. Ali Baba closes too damn early, so I usually end up going here. Only fast food place I trust. —HeatherKlinger

2006-02-21 08:44:28   If In-n-Out could combine with jack in the box, like.. a corporate(sp?) merger, then we could have amazing burgers (InO) and amazing french fries (JitB) But i do like In-N-Out fries, don't get me wrong. —JulienBiewerElstob

2006-05-07 23:54:16   requesting that your grilled onions be "whole grilled" is a must have. I dont know about you but i had previously been annoyed by the subpar chopped grilled onions. —KyleLanderhoffis

2006-07-14 07:00:31   Great midnight grub —KillerBobo

2006-07-14 12:40:38   Edit— I go there all the freaking time! —SS

2006-08-11 20:13:38   I hate going there when there are flies everywhere, hopefully those air blowers on top of the doors keep this from happening, because it is quite nasty... —JoeRunnels

2006-09-17 20:56:13   2 grilled cheese—no spread—extra mustard and ketchup—both kinds of onions—and a neopolitan shake. Yum. —SteveKent

2006-11-08 21:04:19   ask for your fries extra crispy. MMmmm.. —AnnThiNguyen

2006-12-07 17:36:29   The fries don't taste "weird". They're merely the only fast food chain that cuts their fries from fresh potatoes, which explains why they taste different from the fries of other fast food establishments. Companies such as McDonald's receive their fries already cut and frozen, with flavoring added. —CameronYoung

  • 2006-12-08 04:54:36   The freshness of the ingredient plays a factor, but In-N-Out does not serve french fries at all. French fries are cooked twice in two different temperatures of oil. The items that In-N-Out sells are chips, and are thus as different as bagels and biscuits from what are served elsewhere. Which you like better is up to you, but they taste different from french fries because they aren't french fries. —JabberWokky

2006-12-08 09:05:02   Yes! What JW said. They fry them differently than other places do. I've been saying this for years. Murder Burger cuts their french fries from fresh potatoes too, but they taste completely different. That's because they pre-fry them in a cooler oil. They then sit for a awhile out of the oil before being fried again. In-N-Out simply fries them once after they've been cut. It makes a world of difference in taste, and it has nothing to do with how fresh the potatoes are. —JeffSpeckles

2007-02-09 14:13:56   whenever i feel like i've been missing my calories, i grab one of their double doubles. so friggin good. —CraigMerry

2007-02-11 20:32:34   In-n-Out needs WiFi real bad. —ArlenAbraham

  • Noooo! Then no one would ever leave, and I could never get a seat! —BrentLaabs

2007-02-12 01:39:34   love this place —JasonKong

2007-02-24 17:56:19   Amazing, it must be even moreso for out of staters though. —GregWebb

2007-04-02 00:30:48   God why do you people love this place so much? There are so many better burger joints. In addition the food is disgustingly greasy. Im usually not a picky eater. In fact this is the ONLY place I refuse to eat at in Davis. —MichaelFu

Reasons I love In-N-Out:

  • Centrally located — biking distance from anywhere
  • Open till 1am — Would you really rather go to Jack?
  • Superior quality compared to other fast food joints
  • Fresh, local produce and meat
  • Consistent quality, every time, every restaurant
  • They pay their employees well
  • Customizable menu
  • Clean (and safer from a sanitation stand-point)
  • Really not that greasy compared to other fast food or the place across the street
  • Cheap


- But Jack has bacon... —NickSchmalenberger

  • I must admit that I prefer In-N-Out, but JitB does have the advantage of being open at 3am — prime stargazing time — with warm breakfast goods to pick up before driving out and sitting on folding chairs with a loved one spotting satellites, counting meteors and hoping for a bolide. 24 hour to-go does have advantages. —JabberWokky

2007-04-21 19:26:10   Probably my favorite food on earth...cheeseburger animal style, YUM. —KristenMartin

2007-05-06 23:14:05   i only support wholesome christian establishments. so, yeah. —EricRedpath

2007-05-28 16:18:56   Best Fast Food Ever. ArlenAbraham's list just about covers it all. And I love the palm tree logo. —CaitlinMorrow

2007-08-06 20:41:23   I like the double double fries good for what it is cheap fast food if on a budget this is the place good employees friendly milkshakes not to good everything else is fine secret menu items are way cool too —Brians

2007-08-17 18:42:47   You can't go wrong. +It's better than all the other chains -It's still a chain —atwong

2007-08-28 13:33:19   I've heard you can get your fries "animal style". Thousand island dressing all over it and onions. People say it's good. I wouldn't know, I'm not an onion fan. But I love the burgers and the milkshakes! —PhedreC <br> <br> —Order "Animal Fries, No grilled onions" It's fries, two slices of melted cheese, and secret sauce. Most delicious! —redbike

2007-10-13 14:47:56   I love in-n-out, I always come here around 11 PM to midnight after I've been doing mathematical proofs all day long. The four-by-four with animal style fries and an extra-large Chocolate shake is the best brain food known to mankind. —AlexNelson

2007-10-16 17:01:09   I absolutely LOVE this place. They have the best burgers in town. When i say best i mean best. I STONGLY RECOMMEND IT. —pebble

2007-11-05 08:30:04   Animal style grilled cheese with fries well done and a neopolitan shake makes my day. —WillJobe

2007-11-12 18:55:49   ...whenever i order a hamburger with grilled onions and a toasted bun...i never get I have just been ordering animal-styles and braving the intense pickle-y-ness so i can get my frickin onions and toast... —ArianeMetz

2007-11-15 22:56:42   addictive —KenichiSan

2007-12-17 19:18:51   I'll never forget being hungover there. Good times! —thelonepiper555

2008-01-01 23:07:22   I've been eating In & Out for years and I love it. However, I just got back from the Davis In & Out and I am very disappointed. The inside of the patties on my 3x3 were BRIGHT red. I'm not the type who would normally have a problem with a rare burger when I trust that the meat has been well handled, but this was just too much. Also, when dissecting my burger to analyze it I realized that my patties were very small and misshapen. I'll throw in that the lettuce was in pretty bad shape too. I was pretty upset because the only reason I go to In & Out is because of their consistency. This is the first time in my lifetime that I am gonna throw out an In & Out burger (probably the first time throwing out any kind of burger). Maybe I should take it back and complain to get another one but I'm not really in the mood for their food anymore =(. I hope that this is just an isolated incident and not indicative of the usual service at this particular In & Out. —BlairGoss

2008-09-07 23:57:42   This In-N-Out was awesome, just like any other In-N-Out. I always go here for late night snacks when everything else is closed. —IdealParadigm

2008-10-01 01:56:55   Two words: RED MEAT! ugh... —Mindcollizion

  • There is only one substance more delicious than red meat, and that is Chili Cheese. —JoePomidor

2008-10-01 18:13:45   Usually a huge In-N-Out fan but not sure if I'll be back at the one in Davis. I ordered a #2 to go and started munching on the fries as I was driving when discovered something stringy an blonde in my mouth. Looked back at the cup of fries and saw a deep fried hair ball sitting in there - yes a ball of blonde hair as crispy as the potatoes. Wish that never happened because I can't make myself go back :( —fsa890

2008-11-05 19:02:54   I like the fresh, good-tasting burgers. LuCaS —NeedlesFamily

2009-02-23 23:13:40   *Triple-Double with whole grilled onion and spread only. *They charge $3.19 for animal fries, this seems a little high considering a double-double is less. *I had a friend who worked at one and said he would deep-fry buns and sprinkle them with sugar, thereby creating a sort of In-N-Out-Donut. I haven't yet worked up the courage to order this.. —GreezySweezy

2009-05-04 16:39:03   The like their animal fries, they're soooo good. Last time I went here at night, it was so crowded, had to wait a long time for my order. —thtly

2009-05-13 09:51:09   Living nearby I noticed they chopped down a bunch of trees in the middle of the parking lot, and are now doing some construction. Just make sure you are aware of this when you try to drive there in the next few weeks. —CarrieBishop

2009-07-16 07:20:54   The construction is done. They turned that medium where you always walked through the dirt and bushes to get to your car into a walkway. Yay for logic. —ZepBrattesani

2009-07-17 23:50:52   i have three words: animal-style fries :D seriously, they probably take a year off of my life every time i eat them but its like heaven in a box. the hamburgers are awesome too...fresh and tasty and not that crappy fast food flavor. seriously i rarely eat fast food but in-n-out almost doesn't count as fast food to me, its so much better than anything else out there. the employees are always so happy too! it almost makes me wanna work there b/c they seriously dont seem to hate their jobs like it seems everyone in fast food service usually does. i <3 in-n-out!! —KTFreeman

2009-07-24 10:34:37   Monkey-style all the way! —SunjeetBaadkar

"2009-07-28 10:25:32"   In-N-Out promotes “quality you can taste” but if this were true, they would print their nutritional information where all customers could view it. Places like subway write their nutritional facts on napkins. Even restaurants like Applebee’s, Cheesecake factory, and BJ’s have special areas in their menus dedicated to weight management foods. It is disappointing to say that all of In-N-Out’s foods are cooked like ordinary burger places; they just do a better job as portraying the idea that they have quality foods and do nothing to prove it. Tricking customers into believing you serve healthier foods than your opponent’s just makes consumers come more often. If you have been visiting In-N-Out too often, it is best to stop because you will surely find your waistlines expand and your cholesterol increases.

It is not surprising that In-N-out does not give you any choice beyond the beef burger and their only condiment, spread. They give you three basic choices of burgers, the hamburger, cheeseburger, or double-double. In addition, the only sauce they use is called spread which is actually composed of fattening components of mayonnaise and Thousand Island dressing, which are both known to be unhealthy condiment choices. By simply adding chicken and other condiments into their menu, they would be providing busy moms with a low saturated fat option and more flexible choices. Burger King and McDonalds have so many choices of chicken and even vegetarian options. Since In-N-Out is aware of the negative views around burgers, they are trying to attract their customers through a slogan of improved standards and nutrition but it is more effective to offer healthier choices than what they have so that everyone can eat there, not only those who thrive on unhealthy beefy foods.

Customers can order somewhat healthier versions of condiments and burgers only if they possess the knowledge of In-N-Out’s secret menu. The secret menu contains healthier choices like a protein style burger. The burger is deprived of buns and uses lettuce to hold the burger together. Even though it is a healthier version of their burger, it does not taste the same. Also, there are better options at other eating places that allow you to order the basic burger with the bun without having to sacrifice its authenticity. Furthermore, the secret menu contains condiments such as ketchup and mustard which can be substituted in place of their spread. Although they offer these choices they do not present them to their customers. As a result, you are getting a burger much different than the options they give you on their menu.

In-N-Out uses discreet bible references on all of their utensils and paper cups. But what if you do not believe in the bible? Does that mean you do not have the right to consume their food? The print of these references in incredibly tiny and display the location in which you can find the verse in the bible. Because In-N-Out is a family based business, the usages of these verses are a reflection of the beliefs and values held by the family. It is important to keep religion out of the food industry in that it narrows the availability of customers down even more than In-N-Out already has.

Since moms are always on the go, one would question if it really is worth it to wait in In-N-Outs long drive thru lines or it’s inside customer lines. The usual In-N-Out has at least six cars minimum in the drive thru. Every time I go there the wait is not only long because of the cars but the customer service. That is why they have added an additional person to take orders standing outside to keep up with the demands of traffic. If you are starving and are in a hurry to go back home to your hungry family, In-N-Out is definitely not the place to go to.

Although In-N-Out is a very popular fast food restaurant, they leave their customers incredibly misinformed. Without proper critique of the restaurant, consumers will be unaware that what they are consuming is not much different than other fast food chains. Instead, some of the choices customers will make in the misconception that they are eating healthier are much worse than other comparable restaurants and eating places. —simranhundal

  • I'm resisting the urge to respond with something along the lines of "you're a moron," but apparently I'm incapable. I'm an atheist and even I find the bible references cute and sometimes look forward to them. As for customer service, they piece together each order, to order, so it takes a minute or two longer to produce. The fact that they post an extra guy outside to take orders is a nice touch and shows you they care about providing excellent customer service. They're not just a voice behind a microphone. As for the nutritional content of their food, no one advertises this as health food - only that they use quality ingredients. They make the French fries fresh from potatoes right there in the store. That doesn't mean the fries are fat free! And no one says they are! In-N-Out doesn't have many options. That is true, but that's because the company's philosophy is to do a few things and do them really well. As for the rest of your post, I can't even argue with it because to argue with someone requires both parties to incorporate logic and you obviously are bereft of any. You essentially dislike everything that In-N-Out is about. That's fine. But something tells me this post says a whole lot more about you than it does In-N-Out. —condemned2bfree
  • You can easily pick up a Nutrition Facts pamphlet up by the registers. My typical meal at In-N-Out consists of two protein-style hamburgers. According to their guide, that equals 480 calories. Not too shabby for a once-in-a-while easy indulgence. But if you want to eat healthy, most anybody will tell you to cook and eat at home with fresh fruits and vegetables, minimizing meat and processed foods. And I agree with condemned2bfree, the bible references don't offend me (I'm not religious). I kind of think it's humorous that people put sacred references on burger wrappers. —nataliesadler

2009-07-29 00:10:59   I don't think that In'N'Out is claiming that its food is healthier than anyone else's. The quality claim refers to the freshness of the food and to the process that they use to make their food. You can find a complete (and rather lengthy) description of their quality claims at their website on this page:

You can also find nutritional information for their menu here:

A Double Double with onions is 670 calories, of which 55% comes from fat. One Double Double has 120% of the recommended daily value of cholesterol. Their fries add another 400 calories, 160 of which are from fat, and no cholesterol. So a typical In'n'Out meal is about 1070 calories.

For those wondering how much of that might wind up on your waist, there are 3500 calories in a pound of human body fat.

According to a recent story on NPR, the religious references were added by the second CEO of the chain in an effort to promote his religion and have remained (even though I believe, he is no longer the CEO). They are so well hidden that I didn't realize they were there for many years. Without reflecting on whether or not they *should* be there in the first place or what percentage of their customers might be offended by them, they do strike me as not at all likely to succeed in their objective. Aside from being well hidden, the references are also not likely to be meaningful unless you are already a member of the religion that they are trying to convert people to. If you are a member of that religion, they don't help, because you are already a member. If you are not, you probably won't know what the reference actually means, so they won't have any effect anyway.

You may want to note that competing chain Chick-fil-A actively uses its profits in support of religious groups. —IDoNotExist

2009-07-31 11:52:53   The burgers are not Christian. The employees aren't necessarily Christian. I personally don't see how someone else promoting their own beliefs (in-store or otherwise) affects the food or the people in the restaurant. Is it any different from an employee wearing a cross or a t-shirt with a biblical quote? I have my own religious beliefs and am secure enough in them that someone else/some other place/some other thing touting its beliefs will have no effect on me nor make me uncomfortable. Don't get me wrong. The burgers here are not "healthy" nor would they be anywhere else when it comes to fast food. As far as I am concerned, the only "healthy" burger is the kind you make at home. —SunjeetBaadkar

2009-08-15 23:36:39   I love In-N-Out! but this one is a disappointment. the quality is offpar in comparison to other in-n-outs. i got a protein style double double today, and the lettuce didn't even cover the entire burger. weak. the in-n-outs in socal are much much better. —film

2009-08-16 02:19:33   fries well done are pretty awesome —StevenDaubert

2009-11-08 20:56:39   delicious....just plain delicious.... except sometimes the fries taste like cardboard. its also really cheep and fast...but it sucks because there are ALWAYS loud little kids or preteens running around and being loud. The employees are very nice and well behaved, always smiling. —mrandmrs

  • Agreed about the fries, but if you order them "well done", the potato flavor comes out much much more and they taste far better. I had stopped ordering them before I learned that trick. -jw

2010-02-13 07:32:35   Great food, super clean location! —cs

2010-06-13 00:07:44   i love in-n-out but if you really think this place is "top-quality" and "fresh", think again. —binladen

2010-09-29 18:23:18   I just got mild euphoria from eating a 4x4... —KrisKalish

2010-12-15 01:49:20   I'm new to this area, but I've worked for this company for the last 6 years. I've seen/heard many complaints/compliments over the years, and sometimes I am still amazed. While I can't provide feedback for every single complaint, I would like to address a couple that may be things that the general public wouldn't know.

There are bible references printed on a few items, but they are not intended to scare anyone off, convert them, nor are they meant to imply that one has to be of that religion to eat/work there. The company founders were deeply religious, and grateful for their success. The references are meant to represent their gratefulness, basically it was the founders' way to show the reason behind their strength. It is there personal belief, and they don't expect their customers or employees to believe in the same.

INO is definitely of the highest quality and freshness. I honestly don't know how anyone could disagree with this, I've seen the factories where they produce the meat patties, and they are incredibly clean. Like seriously. The meat is inspected more than once, and it even has to go through metal detectors, in order to make it to the stores. All of the ingredients that go into a burger are of the best quality available, that is to say sometimes some of the ingredients are out of season, so not always the best of the best, but the company tries its hardest to find the best available. As for the freshness, every meat patty that is thrown on the grill, or fry dropped into the fryers is served within about 5 minutes. I will admit though that our wait times can get long, but that's because everything is fresh! And we do try really hard to make them shorter :), but alas we are only human.

Tip: I know many people don't like our fries but there are two ways you can order them cooked in addition to the regular way: 1. Well- the most popular next to regular, and I personally don't care for them, but others seem to love them. They aren't double fried, just cooked longer than usual. 2. Light- My absolute favorite, and is less well known. If you like fries at (shh) McD's, then you'll like these.

Disclaimer (lol): I do not, in any way represent In-N-Out in a legal way. I merely work there and I'm explaining things from my own personal perspective, as an employee of the company. I don't mind answering questions, but any real concerns should be taken up with the store manager or the customer service number located above. —jwieland1989

2011-03-24 21:39:16   This is the final review anyone will ever have to read for In N Out. I had worked for the company for a duration of five years. Here is what I want to say:

1. When you choose In N Out, you are simply choosing from a category of fast food. They are not anything different. There is nothing special in their meat, their bread, or their vegetables and sauces that separates them from the likes of McDonald´s, Burger King, Jack in the Box etc. 2. And if you claim otherwise or are a so called follower as if they are the second coming then all you have done is simply bought into their distorted advertising and messages. (Yeah, umm like we all thought Subway actually was heart healthy and cared through their 7 grams or less campaign) 3. Some things that are commonly distorted at In N Out.

  • a. Fries - Their fries are cooked in 100% cottonseed oil. That spells Hydrogenated Oil Heaven for those less inclined about their health. Like I said from above, you are simply choosing from a category of fast food and there is nothing different. Please try and tell me now that their fries are supposedly any more different than let´s say McDonald´s in terms of health.
    • (Fries are never really healthy for you anyway, unless baked and even then, barely — Wes-P
  • b. Meat - The cattle used in preparing the beef come from the same ranches as all their other competitors. The only difference is that they built their own processing plants. All this does is allow them to control their costs of the beef more effectively and also to ensure that there is no fillers or any of the sorts that the competitors use. But it still comes from the same ranches, only process differently.
    • Their processing is far superior and actually does use 100% American beef, not imported like.. oh, I don't know... McDonalds— Wes-P
  • c. Bread - Every fast food chain orders their bread from a supplier. I happen to know that the bread that In N Out orders comes from the same supplier as the bread for Jack In the Box. However it´s a different recipe of course and also is smaller than almost all of their competitors. They order the size like that so that when they wrap and present the burgers the way they do, it will obviously pop out on the side showing so that it will appear like the picture and it will also appear like you are getting a bigger burger.
    • (The bread is one point I will not argue on at all — Wes-P
  • d. Produce - Which leads to my next point, if the burger needs to appear bigger then you will obviously be getting fillers. The fillers most notably are lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and peppers. And similar to the beef and bread, they get their produce in the same manner as all their competitors. In this case however its from the lowest bidder from the supplier closest to that actual store. Unlike their beef, they don´t have a central processing farm or unit for their produce. All this means is that you are taking your pick or from a random selection of the cheapest produce which contains the same amount of pesticides, chemicals, etc. just like their competitors. And from a business stand point of course they would try to enlarge your burger with more pesticide produce than their precious beef. Competitors do the same except that they use filler in their meats in the of using pesticide filled veggies.
    • I know for a fact that the produce they receive here in our region is from California farms. Yup, must be a bad thing when some stupid company wants to keep money in the state, let alone the country... — Wes-P
  • e. Shakes - When the sweet little girl that they love to hire tells you in her squeaky little high school voice that their shakes are made with 100% real ice cream, all their saying is that it contains at least 10% milk fat which is the minimum required by federal law in order for a product to be advertised as ice cream, or in this case made with ice cream. This does not exclude however that there is still your average mix of emulsifiers, stabilizers, flavors and colorings, sometimes natural but most often artificial.
    • This is not an ice-cream stand, but I will say this, if you've ever actually had a shake at any of the other fast food places in this town, or anywhere else for that matter, you would know that the Shakes tastes better, have a higher quality and are natural unless something has dramatically changed in the six months since I have been there — Wes-P
  • f. Lemonade - And on a side note their lemonade is made from a combination of pre -diluted syrup containing artificial flavoring and coloring combined with your good old davis tap water. This water is different than the one used for the sodas as there is a different filtered tap line for the sodas. This means that their lemonade is made from the same water as is to wash vegetables, their dishes and the hands of their employees. This does not mean that the water is unsafe of course, only to note that the lemonade is prepared in those areas and at times the containers to store the lemonade and the lemonade machine are not always cleaned on schedule. This is due to managers trying to cut corners to obtain bonuses for lower amount of worker hours used.
    • So, you're saying it's made out of the exact same water that we use in our homes??? GASP! I better call the EPA now, that's gotta be unhealthy. I also know that, while not everything in every fast food place will be cleaned 100% all of the time, In N Out tends to be a lot cleaner, and a lot healthier than many of the others by a long shot. I'm not worried about getting ill from the lemonade. — Users-Wes-P

4. And their phone number is (530) 758 - 0001. —fredsavage

  • Basically, you sound like a disgruntled employee that probably got fired for attitude problems. Not only that, you can't even use your name to back up any statements you are making. I have known several people who have worked at In N Out and they all have said it is a great place to work, pays better than other fast food chain out there and actually does support the local communities they are in... Gee, sounds like they need to be shut down. — Wes-P
    • ****** You know what Mr. User: Wes Peezy, you´re absolutely right. In N Out does help out the local communities. And do you know exactly how they do this? Well since you´re such a fan let me fill you in sir. Every year the store manager grudgingly has to nag his "better paid than other fast food chain" employees to donate some money and take some of his own meager salary to try and raise money to buy presents for some poor needy family around here. Then Mr. Store Manager, grudgingly takes whatever money there is and simply goes and buys and XBOX from WALMART for some lucky little kid. So yeah maybe you could work with the store manager this year and throw in a copy of street fighter 4 since you´re so in love with them and with helping out the community. And since you´re all about helping out the community Mr. User Wes Peezy, then I suggest you make a sign that says "HELLO EVERYONE, I´M A EARTH LOVER" and gather all your other friends who want to support the community and stand outside in n out protesting that they recycle because i´m sure that the other people that you know at in n out did tell you right that not all in n outs recycle. You should also try and organize for a sunday shutdown of the store so that everyone can observe and pray in church on sundays over those lovely messages on those cups and fry boxes instead of going to in n out. Oh and as for their children´s foundation, you should take a business class and learn about corporate tax write offs for corporations. Mr. User: Wes Peezy take care and try not to die of hydrogenated fats and oils and have fun helping in n out kill lots of trees and pile up the land fills with cardboard and try picking out a good game for that lucky kid this year alright buddy.***********
    • I'm a bit bewildered where the complaint is. Seems like he's saying "they are a restaurant, just like all the others". Which isn't exactly news. I never thought there was a trained cougar in the back generating buns through the powers of it's mind. They are hamburgers. They buy the buns from a big commercial bakery. I'll bet the bakery provides baked goods to dozens of chains and hundreds of restaurants every day. The "real ice cream" in Safeway contains all those emulsifiers, stabilizers, flavors and colorings... as does pretty much all commercial ice cream. I like making my own, but chocolate ice cream with only chocolate plus a simple ice cream base has the color of poo on a bad day and isn't exactly very stable for shipping. It's a restaurant. Some people really like it. I don't think that implies they have any illusions about the realities of the business... they just like the taste of the food. In the end, that's kind of important, and it does generate fans of the restaurant. ...pretty much like any other restaurant that serves decent food on a predictable basis. -jw
  • In'n'Out tastes really good, and is priced reasonably. That's why I like it. I'm really not sure why I would care whether they come from the same ranch or a different one than stuff from other places. Grilled dead ground cow tastes like grilled dead ground cow. How now, ground cow? —IDoNotExist

2011-06-21 23:51:19   Amazing place, but takes about 30-45 minutes to get meal when its full. Definetely not a place I would go if I was in a hurry —JohnathonJosephs

2011-06-22 11:22:24   I was going to complain about how this In n Out seems to struggle with timing when you order Animal Fries, but last night they had no problem. In the past it seemed as though (at this location in particular) that the burgers would always be done five minutes before the animal fries and would just sit there and then the lettuce and tomato would get warm, and my favorite part about In N Out is how the lettuce and tomato are cold, so it would be pretty disappointing. The person who assembles your order also has to make the animal fries and maybe it's just asking too much out of one person. Although that person at In N Outs outside of Davis never seems to struggle quite as much. —MikeyCrews

  • As I always order extra lettuce on my burger and animal fries well done — and used to live right next to it — I can say that I found that it was a serious issue when there were a line of cars in the drive through. The fryer gets backed up quickly when they are busy, especially serving carloads of people ordering fries. The same thing happens at the Truxel location when they are overwhelmed, but they seem to be able to deal with it better (does Davis have fewer fryer slots?). I will say that I had a friend order a lettuce wrap at the one in Citrus Heights or Roseville and it had wilted enough so that when she picked it up, the guy looked at it and said something like "do you want a new one?", and made a fresh burger wrap instantly. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2011-09-18 18:03:45   I have been eating in n out everyday for the past week. Today is 9-18-11 and I just came from the drive thru about 30 minutes ago, which was probably around 5:00pm. I have been satisfied with the customer service there until today. Not only am I unhappy about receiving such awful customer service, but this was the worst handled situation I have ever experienced in Davis.

I ordered 2 hamburgers and 2 animal style fries. The only adjustment I asked for was extra onions on 1 hamburger and 1 animal style fries. When I got to the window to receive the food, the girl had gotten the order wrong and told me to wait a few more minutes. I was absolutely fine with waiting. I asked for ketchup, and she put one bag into the bag. So I was like, "Can I have a few more?" Her reply was, "Yeah, whatever!" And she grabbed a handful of ketchup bags and threw them into the bag. Her attitude was completely unnecessary. Come on, is it not normal to want more than one bag of ketchup?!?!

Her attitude was not the end of it. When I got home, the only food in my 2 bag were 2 animal style fries. Where were the 2 burgers??? I drove all the way back to in and out, and told them that they had gotten my order wrong twice. I made sure to make it very obvious that I was unhappy about the whole situation. Not one worker said sorry, and worst of all, some of the workers found it funny. I am not sure why they were laughing. Was it because I had wasted my time coming back to get my order correct, or is it because their customer service sucked? I am not saying that all in and out workers here have bad customer service, but the workers, especially that one girl who had taken my order, working at this time did not have the skills to fix this situation. I am never eating at this in and out again. This was an awful customer service experience for me. —thuy23t

2012-02-06 20:19:54   Delicious food and the employees are very nice :) —LoriOrf

2012-05-09 17:05:01   the service here is bad. The employees are rude and inconsiderate. I was trying to place my order but I couldn't understand what the cashier was saying because it seemed like she was mumbling. When I told her that I didn't catch what she said, she started talking extremely slow like as if I was a foreigner. When I finally got my order, it was just plain buns without anything so I had to throw it in the garbage and walk out. I can't believe I wasted my money on that. —sarahdavis

2014-02-09 22:09:56   Best value for burgers in Davis. The special sauce is so good and even though the menu is limited, its worth the 20 minute drive. I have been here at least 10 times. —YoungResident