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234 J Street (on the corner of 3rd Street)

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Dinners: Monday-Thursday at 7

J Street Co-op is one of the cooperative houses in Davis. Both J Street and its sibling co-ops, Cornucopia Corner Co-op and Sunwise, are managed by the Solar Community Housing Association, a non-profit organization whose board is comprised mainly of current and former J Street, Cornucopia Corner Co-op, Sunwise, the Tri Co-ops, and Domes community members.

J Street Co-op is in Old East Davis, in a house built in the 1920s. The house was the former location of the Davis Art Center and was converted back to housing through a self-help remodeling effort that included raising the roof and adding additional living space. Currently, the house is about 2,400 square feet (not counting its basement) and contains seven bedrooms (two downstairs, five upstairs), two bathrooms (one upstairs, one downstairs), a kitchen, sunroom, living room, dining room, back deck, office landing, and a fantastic front porch.

J Street offers accommodations for one- and two-person households. At full capacity, the house fits around eight people. J Street co-op, along with all Corner Co-op and Sunwise Co-op, is low-income housing: this means we're open to anyone who makes less than $42,500 per year. The Co-op is a low income housing opportunity and an equal opportunity housing provider with an emphasis on co-operative living, community dinners, and making decisions by a consensus. Member obligations include: one cook night a week (with another cook), household chores, weekly house meetings, and monthly work parties.  We eat dinner together at 7pm Monday - Thursday. If you'd like to join us, please just send us an email ahead of time. In addition to our residential house members, the Co-op usually takes on one to three "boarders," people who eat dinner with the house and take on a cook night per week (with a partner or two). We accept applications for new house members whenever a spot opens up in our house (we'll make an announcement on this Wiki page and on other community boards).

J Street Co-op is a member of the Solar Community Housing Association (SCHA), and the North American Students of Cooperation (NASCO).


Apply to live at J. Street Co-op: click here --> APPLICATION !!


Check us out on facebook! We've got all of our archives posted up here, and information on house events: https://www.facebook.com/jstreet.coop

BreakfastAhuilitzli and Thongxy Sometimes we juggle Flora in the garden

Soph and CindyMolly throwing sharp things in the living room Anthony in cold frame Our mud pizza oven

Mo and Flora Figuring out how to lay a floorEmily and Olivia building the back fenceSoo and Mica

Dykes take on Home Depot Caro and Olga

Our beloved house cat, CooCoo wants us to quit smoking

Happy New Year at JQuiet HomeAhuilitzli!









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2008-05-19 19:52:12   How often does a spot open up? It would be a dream to live here... —SunjeetBaadkar

2008-11-27 23:53:21   You might want to check out Pacifico Co-Op as well, over on Drew Ave. It's a lot bigger, and it's spread out over four residential buildings (kinda like a more minimalistic dorm space), but if you're intrigued by cooperative living, we're a place with frequent openings. Stop on by! —ZacD

2010-02-23 00:06:05   Two Bedrooms and Summer Sublet at Sunwise Co-op (Davis)

Sunwise Co-op is an eco-friendly house run cooperatively, providing low-income housing opportunities in Davis, California. Located in Village Homes, the house is full of low-impact features such as solar water heating, photovoltaic panels, passive solar design, and composting. We grow our own veggies in a big luscious garden, and have chickens and bees. We maintain the house through weekly chores and monthly workdays, share vegetarian/vegan dinners, and make decisions by consensus during bi-weekly house meetings. All house members must be either students or earn less than 80% of median income for the region (about $38,000).

Sunwise is part of the Solar Community Housing Association, a Davis non-profit dedicated to create community and respect for the environment through affordable, cooperative housing.

One of our eight rooms will be available April 1st. We may have other openings in the near future, so contact us if you are interested in our cooperative house. We would love to meet you, share a meal with you, and show you our house.

We are looking for co-operative, open-minded, responsible and flexible housemates who enjoy cooking, gardening, and living in groups. "Meet the house" dinners are being scheduled in late February and in March. If interested, please fill out the attached application questionnaire and email it to sunwise.coop@ gmail.com or call us at (530) 753-7657.

1. Tell us a little about yourself in terms of work, school, or however you spend your time.

2. Have you ever lived in a cooperative housing situation before? What interests you about living here?

3. Why are you leaving your current residence?

4. From what you have heard so far, how do you see yourself being involved in our community? What would you bring to the community in terms of technical or interpersonal skills, hobbies, etc.? —DerekDowney

2010-04-30 19:26:03   J Street Co-op is an amazing house filled with wonderful people. I didn't know much about co-ops until I moved to Davis, but J Street is a great example of how a group of people can share space/resources and make it work. I've lived in Davis for almost four years now, but my best memories are spending time with friends on the porch. If you are interested in getting involved in the co-op community, or just want to meet some really cool people, stop by for dinner some night. You won't regret it and might just end up with some friends for life. —Bob413

2010-09-15 12:35:47   I swear one day I will have a free chicken dinner by grabbing the "free-roaming" chickens from the public street, thus preventing any further traffic hiccups on Third. —Wes-P

2013-08-07 10:33:28   Hey, a while back I thought of living here and when I visited you guys had more pets, I especially liked the two female cats with the boy names, are they still there? Bill and Carl or Ben? —LindaHT

2013-12-16 18:31:33   Hi Linda! You're remembering Bill and Coo, sistercats at our house. Coo still lives here, though Bill has moved next door to live with our neighbor. —EmilyDalmeyer