Jenny Yu

Jenny Yu is a currently a third year Economics and Communications major.

Also proud owner of Jenny's Furniture.

Leadership Experience

  • Assistant Director of Voter Registration for the ASUCD Office of External Affairs.
  • Helped start the API Leadership Council.
    • Helped oraganize the API Leadership Council Summits
  • Active member of the API Leadership Program
    • Helped plan the annual leadership conference
  • Coordinator with Asian Pacific Culture Week
  • Hula dancer and organizer with Na Keiki O' Hawaii

She is currently a Fall 2005 Senatorial Candidate for L.E.A.D.

Candidate Statement

Hello everyone, my name is Jenny Yu. Currently I'm running for ASUCD Senate under the Fall Lead Slate. I'm a third year double majoring in Economics and Communications. Currently I am the Director of Voter Registration, External Affairs Commissioner, active leader in the Asian Pacific Islander community, and a hula dancer of Na Keiki O' Hawaii. I want to represent Yu in ASUCD because Yu, the students are the backbone of this school and the community. I want to help Yu help yourself.

I have spearheaded a campaign to inform students about important issues that affect Yu the students such as the planned government cuts to education, informing students about the low voter registration numbers and currently working with the Office of External Affairs to increase the voter registration numbers on campus.

Currently, I have been working with the Campus Outreach and Organizing office to create a Leadership Summit to Inform and Network leaders. Through my experience of already creating a leadership council within the Asian Organizations, I wanted to expand and create a leadership council with all the campus clubs, creating a great environment for clubs to work together and a great way for ASUCD to train the next generation of new leaders.

The past two weekends I have been scrubbing and cleaning dirty cars just to try and raise enough money for my organization to throw on a campus event. Campus clubs are not being funded enough and are currently being under represented; I am currently researching ways to allocate more money towards the clubs so they can start hosting more events which will give Yu more activities to do.

Together we can make a difference and so can Yu. So remember, JENNY for Senate because she’s right for YU.