Recharge numbers are 4 character IDs that are shortcuts to full account numbers on the Davis Fiscal Information System. Currently, you're more likely to use an entire account number, though.

UC Davis departments can acquire the services of another UCD department on a recharge basis. Instead of having one department write a check to another, the account of the department being paid is recharged through a transfer on DaFIS. This is most often done when department hires an service department at the university to perform a certain function for a certain price or hourly rate. Certain other groups can have DaFIS agency accounts, such as Sodexho or CalPIRG, or student organization accounts (technically under the SPAC department).

The department then places their recharge number on a form which takes the pay out of the department's funds. This can also be directly inputted into DaFIS.

Here is an example time sheet:

The form displayed asks for a DaFIS account number in the form [chart]-[account]-[subaccount]. Recharge numbers are 4 character IDs that are shortcuts to accounts. There has been a slow transition away from Recharge Numbers on campus.

Other places to use your recharge number are purchasing from Vet-Med Central Services, a scientific supply center based in Haring Hall or UCD-Buy.