(530) 759-1976 Davis

Driving Instructor
BJ Sangwan (530) 219 3753

(Instructor with successful student at Davis DMV)

Referral Driving School in Davis offers driving instruction, driver's education ('driver's ed'), and behind-the-wheel training for teens and adults. You can validate your teen's permit for as little as $59, which includes a first lesson, with no contracts to bind you.  Their behind-the-wheel training is DMV certified, meets all DMV requirements, and includes freeway driving, downtown Sacramento driving, parallel parking, traffic flow analysis (freeway, yellow lights), hill starts, and all other important skills.  You will be taught by a courteous, experienced, knowledgeable, professionally trained, engaging instructor, BJ (see reviews below and pic above).  Lessons are offered in either 2-hour sessions or their convenient and more popular 1-hour pay-as-you-go sessions, and start at any pick-up point in Davis or Woodland on weekdays, evenings, and/or weekends. They will also make your DMV test appointment, and take you to the actual DMV test in their car (with a free retest, if needed).

Some of the school's other highlights:

  • Validate your permit and start driving for $59
  • Planned syllabus and parent session report
  • Private sessions, with no 'piggybacking'
  • Same instructor for every session
  • Choose from three 2-hour lessons at $109/ea, four 1.5-hour lessons at $89/ea, or five 1.2-hour lessons at $83/ea - Freeway and Drive Test included

You can visit them on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/newdriver

Describe your experiences with Referral Driving School:

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2016-01-08 11:56:58   Get your driver license after 5 lessions! BJ is great instructor. He teachs you how to drive! —egofinder

2016-01-08 20:31:56   Definitely recommend. BJ is a very calm instructor who makes the learning process fun. Passed my test on my first try with only 4 errors! —nik27

2016-01-08 22:50:42   I took driving lessons from another school but because I didn't like their teaching style and also the fact that they did not lend car to students to take driving test, I came to Referral Driving School and met my instructor BJ. He was very responsible, knowledgeable, and passionate about teaching. Also he was very friendly and good at communication. I am an international student and although I am fluent in English, I was not very familiar with some terminology and therefore was not very good at following driving instructions. BJ was very patient and helped me overcome my fear in driving. As a result, I passed my behind-the-wheel test with only 1 error! Thanks to BJ, now I am a confident driver on the road! —daisyhe0804

2016-01-15 22:10:56   BJ is a really great instructor! He is so good at teaching you how to drive. He is patient, kind, friendly and passionate. With his help and teaching, I got my license very soon! Highly recommend! Totally worth it :) —riaf

2016-01-16 17:10:27   Because of BJ, I received my driver's license in no time. He is very patient and very dedicated. He was much more interested in seeing me learn and progress than he was in making money from the lessons. I will recommend him very highly to anyone. He is also a lot of fun to talk to and work with. 10/10. I do not know any of the other instructors, but at least I know you cannot go wrong with BJ. —f_bouh

2016-01-19 20:44:29   I was incredibly pleased with our experience with Referral Driving School. The time behind the wheel and the feedback we received were very helpful in assisting my daughter in getting her license. BJ's professionalism and attitude were just what my daughter needed when feeling anxious about her skills or the test. He makes both parent and student feel at ease. BJ is a great instructor and I have zero reservations about recommending him to other parents. A great experience overall!! —nmariano

2016-01-21 15:59:38   Coming into driving, I was scared but after I met BJ on my first lesson, i got a sudden boost of confidence! Thank you BJ for teaching me how to drive the "right way". Thanks! —CameronB

2016-04-14 19:00:14   BJ is a great instructor! I highly recommend him because he gives clear instructions and teaches you how to drive. Passed my test in the first try! —Nessa_

2016-04-16 17:14:29   After I failed my behind the wheel test twice this Fall I have lost all my confidence in my driving skills. Since I still had one more try in my permit, I decided to find a school about 3 weeks ago and prepare for the test. BJ was a very nice person, being patient and kind all the lessons. He was always on time and he knew what do I need to practice. As it was said before - he was much more interested in seeing me learn and progress than he was in making money from the lessons. I had a great time not only discovering driving again but also being able to learn more about this person. He told me a lot of stories from his life and helped me feel relaxed in driving and after a week of everyday lessons I successfully PASSED! I am really happy that I had a chance to meet BJ and be taught by him. Thanks BJ!!! :) —Wolfira

2016-05-03 11:11:46   I was losing confidence in my driving skills after failing my first behind-the-wheel test and decided to call the driving school. BJ was very helpful, flexible, and passionate! It was a great decision and I was able to pass my second behind-the-wheel test very soon after a few driving lessons with only 2 errors. Now I drive everyday with confidence, thank you BJ :] —jamiejy88

2016-06-20 09:10:06   Got my license in the first try! BJ is an excellent instructor who patiently works with you to make you a good, cautious driver. Always willing to take time out to teach you, and he's funny! He's the best. —juvekp

2016-08-02 09:53:19   After taking just a few classes in Davis, I passed the exam from the first time with only 3 minor errors (taking into account that I started almost from 0). My instructor, BJ, was very helpful and very nice. He is a really good teacher. BJ cares about his students and makes sure that they are well prepared for the exam. I had a great experience with Referral Driving School and I definitely recommend it for everybody. —emikhayl

2017-01-16 15:18:48   Amazing instructor. I began driving with ample experience, however, he managed to tune and further expand my knowledge and skill. I received zero penalties on my test and have him to thank for it. —atsobanoudis