Sapana Shende was born July 26th, 1983. She grew up in Fremont, California where she attended Mission San Jose High School. In high school she played clarinet in the marching band (spending several summers at band camp) and worked at Jamba Juice.

Her UC Davis activities

Entering UC Davis Sapana lived in Cuarto, Emerson grass-side and immediately fell in love with the school. She drove her friends crazy with her Davis-Pride, and quickly found outlets for this love both as a tour guide and on an ASUCD commission.

Tour Guide: Sapana's sunny personality, confident nature, and knowledge of the campus made her an accomplished tour-guide. She was elected "tour-guide of the month" (decided by tour-taker feedback) but numerous students were so inspired by her tours that they chose Davis based on her recommendation. Several current campus leaders, including Senator Brianna Haag and Brian McInnis were showed around the school by Sapana.

Commissioner: She took her position of the Business and Finance Commission commission very seriously, and after a year was elected vice chair. On B&F she was able to earn valuable experience on how to run an efficient meeting, and balance the budgetary needs of different student organizations. Most importantly, though, she also learned about the ASUCD budget becoming intimately familiar with it and the struggles of weighing different expenditures while keeping the best interests of the students at heart.

After gaining experience as a commissioner Shende she ran in winter '04 for ASUCD Senate on the Student Focus slate. She authored and coauthored many important pieces of legislation, and earned the respect of her colleagues. She was elected by the Senate for two terms as their President Pro-Tempore.

Since her term ended Shende continues to serve the school she loves, and use her experience as a tour-guide, commissioner, and former Senator.

Sapana unsuccessfully ran for ASUCD President in the Winter 2005 ASUCD Election. She ran on the Student Focus slate with Jennifer Beeman.

Personal Qualities

Sapana's friends describe her as intensely hard-working, smart, goofy, compassionate, and funny.


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2006-01-04 16:53:38   yeah, hey! i don't work for the aggie! I work for the California Assembly... which is Really different. so i'm erasing THAT madness, thanks e-foxy for filling me in on this obvious mistake! —SapanaShende