These are reviews of Sushi Unlimited from 2007. For more current reviews, visit the entry.

2007-07-06 22:32:52   I'll write more later, but I can confirm that the restaurant did have its grand opening today (Fri, July 6), and will be offering the 20% discount again tomorrow (Sat) — I don't know if that is still with the limited menu, or the full menu. —CovertProfessor

2007-07-07 02:07:28   I ate there on opening day, with mixed feelings. Review on my page. Take this review with a grain of salt, it was their first day. I'll go again in a month or two to see if they've shaped up. —ErikFriedlander

2007-07-07 15:09:44   I happened onto Sushi Unlimited the day after they opened (the 20% discount ends tomorrow). They served their entire menu; I ordered a Saki Maki and Everything roll and my girlfriend had a Teriyaki Chicken bento. We both really enjoyed our meals ... they haven't quite figured out the mix for their fountain drinks yet (the Diet Coke tasted like it had twice as much syrup as it should have had), but the iced tea is quite good. I'll definitely be back. —VladLoscutoff

2007-07-07 16:38:57   So i went there yesterday for lunch for the first time around 2 30PM, seeing their name was sushi unlimited, i was actually a little skeptical and fear that it will be a buffet. Thank god it wasn't, and as me and my friend sat down , 2 guys came in and then conversed with the hostress a little before saying something that they thought it was a buffet, i chuckled mildly. Such nice decoration and atmostphere to be ruined by raging hungry college students that will just ignore it? you wish.


2007-07-07 16:39:03   Anywayz, buffet quality sushi usually sux, and if you really want to eat buffet sushi, go visit fuji chef. So me + 2 friends end up spending 53 bucks ( including the 20% discount), thats a lot for lunch. Fish quality are okay, definitely on the better side in DAVIS only....i thinking Mikuni's taros in SAC beats them tho, but then again we're talking about Davis.

BTW, seems like the store is opened by Koreans, so watch out, you authenticity seekers, unless you want to ask for CHAP CHAE!!!! (or kim chee...)

Also, it did take them 5 mins just to get our checks, kinda annoying lol —JamesLi

2007-07-07 20:39:18   decided to try out the new place with my boyfriend and a friend considering today was 20% off, how bad could it be right? it was pretty bad. after requesting tea, we had to wait 15 minutes for a small pot that was barely warm. and when we asked for a refill, we had to wait another 10 minutes only to receive a cold pot. the tea cups and tea pot although appealing to the eye are poorly designed for practical use. theres no way to pour the tea without spilling, its too heavy to be constantly lifted considering hte small size of the cups, and doesnt retain heat well. we had to wait at least 30 minutes for our food. and when it did come, there was barely enough room for our two bento boxes and three rolls since we were put at a small table even though the place was barely half full. the quality of the food didnt make up for the bad service. hopefully things will get better since this is their first weekend. —mirky

Bummer, the giant tea cups of the former Mirai was one of my favorite things. —AlexMandel

2007-07-09 21:56:26   ive had much better japanese food in the bay area, but i think it would be unfair for anyone to make a comparison between davis and bay area food. the shrimp tempura was good, though. —PatrickSing

2007-07-11 17:04:54   3 of my friends and I visited the new Sushi Unlimited on 7/9, a couple of days after it opened I guess. The service was pretty good considering it was dinnertime and almost every table there was occupied. The waitress' were friendly and our glasses were kept full the whole night. We each ordered 3 rolls so we had 12 different rolls total, from what I can remember we ordered the spider roll, simba roll, five star roll, jubillee roll, butterfly roll, spicy bomb roll, thundervalley roll, and a couple I cant recall the name of. ALL of the rolls were sub par to all the other sushi restaurants here in Davis. The soft shell crab and shrimp tempura in all our rolls tasted as if they were a day old so we were constantly, constantly, constantly chewing every bland roll. The sashimi on top of the rolls were good. But the fried crab and shrimp in the rolls were what killed it. We told our waitress and she told the sushi chef. Will possibly return in the future to give it another try but doubt it. —JoeLow

2007-07-13 11:40:46   Went there for dinner last night and it was HORRIBLE.

1) Our server did not smile once and was rushing around the whole time. Granted, the restaurant was busy but definitely not packed. She took FOREVER to take our order and to get us the bill. She also never refilled our water/tea. The girl who ran our credit cards put the wrong amount on the cards.

2) The sushi orders were incorrect. Two of the four rolls we ordered were incorrect. They were missing ingredients (for ex: cucumber and spicy tuna).

3) The rolls were very small (in diameter) - I think the sushi chefs must all be relatively new at making sushi because the rolls were teeny tiny and missing items.

I liked it much better when it was Mirai. Sushi Unlimited has such an overly commercial feel and the service was horrible. I think the main problem was that all of the employees were very young and inexperienced at making sushi and waiting tables. I'm sticking with Osaka. —maxlovesfood

2007-07-16 20:55:05   the tempura was quite lovely. the sushi pieces were pretty thin, thinnest I've ever eaten, but still yummy. wasn't the best fish I've had. —KristinaKarson

2007-07-17 23:47:35   I was impressed by the fancy remodel of this place. However, I was not impressed by the food, or the waitress. The sushi tasted bland and was expensive. Service was slow and the waitress was curt. I surmise that this place will not be open for long if they do not improve. —JohnWong

2007-07-18 01:14:07   BEWARE: the women's bathrooms is one room with two toilets right next to each other, in no way divided, as if they haven't put it stall walls yet. The door seems too big for the door frame so it doesn't even shut all the way. ALSO: they let adults order from the kids' meal options, and the meal is still huge (this may have been a mistake, however, since I was charged $6 more than I should have been, which they promptly fixed). —ElisaHough

2007-07-21 20:01:15   Overall the food is not good for the money. I had the lunch special ($11.50 and probably the best deal on the menu) with teriyaki beef, tuna sashimi, and tempora. The tempora was down right bad; the brocoli had uncooked batter inbetween the base of the florets (really nasty and the vegetable itself was overcooked, i dont know how they managed that combo). The tuna sashimi was brown not only on the outside but also in the center. It did not taste good at all. The beef teriyaki had some grisly parts but overall was the most edible part of the meal. My brother had the same meal except for chicken and had the same complaints, but the chicken was actually decent, about at teriyaki express level (faty and gloppy sauce). Overall i would not go back, the quality is worse than the cheap places like nobu hiro for prices higher than the good places like Moshi Moshi amd Zen Toro. The sevice was actually quite good, but the food definetly did not warant a return visit. —MattHh

2007-08-02 18:29:53   I'd say it is the worst sushi in Davis if comparing the price and food at the same. It's definitely overpriced. They charge the same as Mikuni but the plate is a LOT smaller than Mikuni does. Compared to Zen Toro which can be considered high-priced sushi in Davis, I personally rather go to Zen Toro and spend the same there than to have a small roll plate with insufficient sauce on it. Overall, I would never recommend my friend this restaurant. —helhng

2007-08-12 13:42:40   I had lunch there today, and considering it's a new restaurant this place has a decent menu and as I recall, very friendly servers. Food is fairly decent and price is similar to what you'll find in most other korean/jap restaurants in Davis like Mana and Fuji. —AnthonyLam

2007-08-20 14:52:33   i LOVE the fact when people saw the name and step into the store thinking that its a buffet and then told by the waitress that it's NOT!! I LOVE IT! SO FUNNY! —JamesLi

  • With a name like Unlimited, it's not that surprising. —jw

2007-09-25 20:48:19   I thought the Sushi was okay. Davis' version of Mikuni. I ate much of their "best stuff" (went Omakase with another friend). Having only tried Zen Toro, I would say that Sushi Umlimited is more american and more "hip" of the two. —atwong

2007-10-25 13:46:11   I'm surprised to see negative comments...I've been very pleased with all of my visits. The sushi is fresh, service is very friendly, can be a bit slow depending on what you order, and perhaps a little heavy on the sauces. Try the Eepsters, they're out of this world! Also, the BBQ tuna is outstanding. If you don't like the price, try their daily specials. Terrific! —Linda

2007-10-25 20:43:24   OK, for one thing, you guys are cheap bastards. Until you've gone to sushi places where the rolls are between $15 and $30, and it's $10 for two pieces of nigiri, settle down. Granted, things may have been a little hectic when they first opened (I don't know, I didn't start going until september), but everytime I've been there, I've been happy. The sushi is the best in davis by far. the next best place, osaka, only has like 8 rolls on the menu, 6 of which all share a significant ingredient (i think it was shrimp tempura). So if you don't want shrimp tempura, you're screwed. most of the waitstaff are nice and friendly, and all of the sushi chefs are fun and entertaining. their lunch and dinner specials are a steal, and their menu is HUGE! The down side of the place is that it can be slow when it's busy, but the wait is worth it for the quality. the fish is fresh, and the presentation of the food is beautiful. you people (broke college students) expect too much for your dollar and fifty cents. come on, it's sushi. if you want cheap food, walk across the parking lot to mcdonalds. —Lisa

  • If by fresh you mean brown tuna (and that was not just one serving, both I and my guest got the same thing). Its not that it is expensive it is that it is expensive for disgusting food. I don’t think there is a place in Davis that serves as bad fish as I got here. There is no excuse for that dish leaving the kitchen. In fact pretty much all the comments say that the quality does not warrant the price. That is obviously not the same thing as saying its good but expensive. If by cheap you mean not wanting to pay 20 bucks for Japanese food worse than the kind they can get at their local food court for 5$ then I guess we are cheap. Be more respectful than to call people cheap for not wanting to eat nasty food. -MattHh

2007-10-25 21:48:15   You're right! i really hate those ppl that think that this place is a buffet. JPN food, expensive, granted, broke college kids? i doubt it, Asians are well off, so are whites, and usually they are the only ones that go to JPN restaurants, so the only ppl that complains here are actually CHEAP-SKATES! You can save up some money by buying less beer or don't subscribe to another month of WoW. So folks, STOP FREAKIN COMPLAINING! However, the quality of the food, even tho its better than some of the davis' other JPN restaurants, don't give a high expectation of it plz! —JamesLi

2007-11-09 13:08:07   I really wanted to like this place since it is so close to my house. I was truly disappointed though. I went during happy hour, which was a decent deal. It was the sushi itself that was the downer. My eel roll had next to nothing eel in it. The same for my tuna and my friend's entrees. Where's the fish??? The rolls were poorly constructed as well - although that is minor for me. For the price, I can't believe they were so stingy with their fish. I will never go there again. There are better places for sushi in Davis in terms of both price and quality. —lemurific