A post-Davis is Burning 2006 smashin' good time at the KDVS abode

1114 Cypress Ln.
Under 60

The KDVS Is My Life House has been throwing parties and occasional shows since November 2004. However, its name nor personality did not fully materialize until Brendan Boyle, Steven Valentino and Melissa Kenney (three KDVS core-staffers) moved in with Andy Pastalaniec on September 1, 2005. Since then, there have been several dance parties, shows, and the like. However, the house is most known as a dance party venue. It is sometimes referred to as the Cypress Lane House and The C*nt Factory. Excellent relations with tolerant and considerate neighbors have perhaps resulted in a lack of police awareness of the house's events. It is said that a few police have parked themselves across the street from the house from time to time, threatening to write noise violation citations, but the house has yet to receive a citation. In fact, the parties are known for going strong with the KDVS Mobile DJ Unit past 3 a.m. They have featured eclectic, danceable, LOUD music, and even disco balls, strobe lights, lasers, and a fog machine. The house has been mentioned in the show listings of The California Aggie, KDViationS, SN&R, and the Art for Spastics blog, among other publications.

Former residents (alphabetically by last name)

Andy Pastalaniec (former KDVS Recordings Director)

Brendan Boyle (former Events Coodinator)

AliciaEdelman (former Co-Programming Director)

  Jerry Encoe (KDVS Recordings artist)

MelissaKenney (former Programming Director)

  Amir Moarefi (former Security Minister)

Jess Ponoman (former Music Director)

MegSwarts (former DJ)

  Navi Sohota (former DJ)

StevenValentino (former General Manager)

Past performers (alphabetical order)

Boss the Big Bit (6/24/06)

• Brian Miller (12/9/05)

Can't/Jessica Rylan (12/9/05)

Joe Finkel (7/12/09; 1/31/10)

Jon Bafus (1/31/10)

• Emil Beaulieau (12/9/05)

• Emese (5/27/10)

• Kevin Shields (12/9/05)

• Nothing People (6/24/06)

• Nu Sensae (5/9/10)

Pumice (7/12/09)

• Rovar17 (5/27/10)

Sagan Genesis (5/27/10)

San Francisco Watercooler (7/12/09)

• Shearing Pinx (5/9/10)

• Sixteen Sixteen (5/27/10)

• Swimmers (6/24/06)

Teddy Briggs (1/31/10)

Event fliers

Though originally scheduled for The Greenhouse, this show ended up being held at the KDVS Is My Life House.


Joe Finkel performing