This is a page for recording photographs, stories, and experiences from the 2008 Whole Earth Festival.

Zero Waste Event Booth selling stain glass window decorations Bonsai trees for sale Lots of Tie Dye available The stage at Wellman Hall Solar Panels! People listening to music on the stage Jugglers! Dishes are used and washed for reuse, here at this booth you get your deposit back Drummers in front of Olson Hall LUGOD's booth, giving away Linux


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2008-05-10 16:45:02   we went late morning/early afternoon, and it didn't seem nearly as busy or patronized as it has in years past. There were significantly less vendors there than I remembered, and the crowds weren't very big. —ElleWeber

2008-05-10 19:17:04   I was there at about 2 pm on Saturday and it was busy as all heck. Lines everywhere and really hard to move around through the vendors shops. I was impressed at the amount of people and how well it was planned :) —BrandonBarrette

2008-05-10 21:44:10   This year I learned my lesson... if you want to beat the crowds, go Friday! —OscarSabino