2500 East Gibson Road, Woodland, CA
Please fill in hours
(530) 666-5280
Taxpayers of Yolo County

The office is currently held by Ed Prieto.

The Yolo County Sheriff Coroner's Office polices the unincorporated parts of Yolo County. They are most often seen in Davis and on campus for large public events such as picnic day or protests. Their dispatch feed can be streamed here.


  • George W. Tyler — first sheriff, served a few months before heading to the mines in the Gold Rush.
  • E. A. Harris — elected 1852

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2010-07-04 08:49:36   Didn't we have Bart Simpson for a sheriff a few years ago? —JimStewart

2011-08-10 14:45:25   The yolo sheriff dispatch feed is pretty slow, but the Woodland one is fairly good. I wish I had a real scanner, as I'd do it for Davis. —jefftolentino