Parked outside Curry Building

AVE A and Curry Hall
Closed Down
(555) 555 5555
blogspot page, facebook page
David Wilson?
Date, i.e. 1st January 1900
Payment Method
Accepts all major credit cards

The Angry Friar double decker bus could have been spotted on Fry Street across the street from the Public House, beside the Language Building. They were essentially a mobile restaurant. They offered a huge piece of fish and some chips for 5 bucks. They kinda skimped you out on the fries, but it was still a good deal (in Britain, they would never skimp you out on fries).

The owner is a real Brit.

Sometimes Twisted Grub and Lee's Grilled Cheese park here.

In Fall 2012, the Angry Friar closed for unknown reasons.

The back / side of the truck. Note the generator!

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