38 Church Street 38 Church Street 1927 Canaras

Address: 28 Church Street

Old Address: 38 Church Street

Other names: O. E. Miller house

Year built: Before 1908

Cure evidence: NYC1915

According to Donaldson, after selling her cottage on Main Street, "Mrs. [Lute] Evans bought the old O. E. Miller house at 38 Church Street. There she died suddenly in April 1913." 1

From the 1920s and '50s it was the home and office of father and son Drs. William A. Wardner and Leroy Wardner.

Later, the house was converted to apartments. Ann and Tom Flynn were residents on the first floor there.

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1. Donaldson, Alfred L. A History of the Adirondacks, New York: The Century Co., 1921, p.232