1927 Canaras Currier Press was founded by Al Currier and was based in the Currier Block, formerly 12 Main Street, now 21-23 Main Street (Little Italy). Leo McKillip owned a separate company, Commercial Press, based at the former 56 Main Street, now 63 Main Street building (China Jade). Jim Finn took over Currier Press from Al Currier in the 1950s and, in 1957, bought Commercial Press from McKillip and merged it with Currier Press.

This information was provided by longtime Adirondack Daily Enterprise production staff member Dave Munn, who began working for McKillip's Commercial Press in 1950 and went with the company to Currier Press before joining the Enterprise staff in 1960. He remembers that the 1957 transition took place the same weekend as his wedding: He worked that Friday, got married on Saturday, had Sunday and Monday off and went back to work Tuesday for a new company at a new location. That new location was presumably 107 Broadway that housed Currier Press under Jim Finn, then Connie Amell, then Fred and Rick Finn until they closed in the early years of the 21st century.

This information came from a Correction published in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise, April 8, 2008.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, March 30, 1984

Currier Press sold

SARANAC LAKE — Currier Press, Inc., a local printing business on Broadway, has been sold, according to former owner James R. Finn. The new owners are Connie and James Amell of Bloomingdale.

Amell is a native of Tupper Lake and joined the staff of the printing firm 13 years ago. He has been office manager since that time.

The Currier Press was originally located at 12 Main St., and was owned by Alfred W. Currier who sold the business to Finn in early 1952. When the LaPan Highway was built it became necessary to move the business and to seek larger quarters.

It was at this time that Leo McKillip who then owned the Commercial Press at 107 Broadway offered to sell his business to Finn. The sale was approved and an extensive addition was added to the building.

In January 1957 the Currier Press moved to the Broadway location and the two printing establishments merged.

In 1930, at age 18, Finn went to work for the Currier Press to learn the printing trade. He continued in the printing business for over 53 years and now, at age 73, is retiring.

Jim Finn's brother, Ray, started working for Currier one month after his brother and still works part-time. Two of Jim Finn's sons, Fred and Rick, are also employed by the firm. The other employees are Dick Dora, Ann Brink and Mary Jane Durfee all of whom will continue working at Currier.