Alice Trigg Swain at the Distin Cottage, c. 1925. Courtesy of Wesley Niarhos. Historic Image here Address: 186 Kiwassa Road

Old Address: 11 Kiwassa Road

Year built: between 1915 and 1925

Architect: William G. Distin

September1989 West Elevation11 Kiwassa Road is a cure cottage that was designed for the architect's father, photographer William L. Distin. There is a small cure porch at the southwestern corner, enclosed in sliding windows on three sides. It is believed to have been built by Branch and Callanan. This was the home of J. Cloyd Downs and Mabel Downs from 1936 to 1954.

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September 1989 South East ElevationSeptember1989 East Elevation11 Kiwassa, Distin Cottage, September 1991 SE