Henry C. Patton was a lumber merchant from Albany, said by the New York Times to be a millionaire in 1891.  

He formed the Patton & Company by combining several smaller companies including E.C. Hargreave & Company, Forestport Lumber Company,  the Trenton Falls Lumber Company and the Beaver River Lumber Company.  Patton & Company failed in January 1896. 1

He organized the Everton Lumber Company in 1888 with George E. Dodge and David H. Patton.  It was associated with Thomas H. McGraw and Theodore B. Basselin, one of the original commissioners of the newly formed Forest Commission.

Adirondack News, July 16, 1887

A little excursion was participated in on Thursday by the following parties; John Hurd ,Pres. of N. A. R. R. son and daughter. Supt Callahan, Mr. Henry Patton and family, Hon. P. T. Barnum and wife, Dr. Hubbard and his two daughters, Mrs. Terry and several other ladies from Bridgeport, Conn. They used a private car starting from this place, they went to Brandon, where they took on the remainder of the company and run from Brandon to this place and returned, dinner was served on the train. Which must of [sic] made a very pleasant trip.

Adirondack News, September 14, 1889

Through the kindness of Mr. Henry Patton and Mr. John Hurd the Sunday schools of Everton and St Regis Falls enjoyed a picnic at Dickinson Center on Wednesday of this week.

Adirondack News, March 2, 1901

An American and Canadian syndicate, composed of Henry Patton of Albany, N. Y., H. R. Wells of Canton, N. Y., and W. D. Beardmore of Toronto, have purchased seventy-five thousand acres of valuable timber land in Nova Scotia, thirty miles from Halifax. The property is one of the most valuable in Canada and the cut this year was between 9,000,000 and 10,000,000 feet. The price paid was $250,000.-—Ex.

See Adirondack & St. Lawrence


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