Old Address: Bloomingdale Road, about three miles from Saranac lake

Other names: It is apparently not related to the Villa St. Armand. It is not the same as the St. Armand Hotel, located in the village of Bloomingdale.

Year built: 1871, burned c. 1903, rebuilt by c. 1906, burned 1927

Other information: "The hotel was built by James Mannix on the site of the old Horace Morehouse homestead, which was also destroyed by fire. The hotel had 25 guest rooms and was widely known as a well conducted family resort hotel and especially for the excellence of the home-made cookery." 1

Malone Palladium, Thursday, May 14, 1903

James Mannix, proprietor of the Hotel St. Armand, which was destroyed by fire a few days ago, estimates his loss at $3,500. The house, which is situated within three miles of Saranac Lake, will be rebuilt at once Mr. Mannix has a saw mill on the premises and the afternoon of the fire commenced to get out lumber for a new hotel. The new house will be three stories high and have all the modern improvements, including steam heat and electric lights. He expects to have it finished by July 1st.

Malone Farmer, Wednesday, April 11, 1906

Fire started in the attic and roof of Hotel St. Armand about half a mile from Saranac Lake village Wednesday morning, but the people at the house put it out so promptly that it did not spread to the rest of the building. The fire is supposed to have started from an over-heated chimney in the attic near which there was a pile of magazines. The hotel is owned and managed by Mr. James Mannix, who built it recently to replace a previous building destroyed by fire on the same spot.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, March 12, 1962

Out of the Past

September, 1921: William Vosburgh bought the St. Armand Hotel near the race track on the Bloomingdale road. [This location may be at the present—2010—BOCES school property.] This included 300 acres of land and the track. The hotel was built in 1906 by James Mannix.

September 16, 1921


William R. Vosburgh of Saranac Lake, a native Moriah Center boy, has purchased from James Mannix the Hotel St. Armand, between Saranac Lake and Bloomingdale and has taken possession. Besides the hotel the deal includes 300 acres of fertile land and takes in the Mannix race track, scene of many programs, horse races and field sports. Mr. Vosburgh plans numerous improvements to the hotel. The first building, a large farm house, was erected on the site by A. W. Morehouse 50 years ago. Mr. Mannix bought it in 1898 and improved it. In 1906 the building burned in a mysterious fire. Then the present hotel was erected. It is a four story building.

Chateaugay Record, March 25, 1927

Saranac Lake Hotel Burns

Saranac Lake, March 18.—Fire breaking out at three this morning quickly destroyed the St. Armond Hotel just outside this village on the Bloomingdale road, with a loss of $50,000 and endangered the lives of the owner, William R. Vosburgh and his wife. Awakened by smoke in their bedroom on the second floor, Mr. and Mrs. Vosburgh, who were the sole occupants of the building, [???]d their clothing and fought their way through smoke filled corridors and down the front stairway.

Both were partially overcome by the time they reached the open air but recovered soon afterwards.

The loss is partially covered by insurance, and while the owner was unable to say whether or not he would rebuild, he intimated that he hoped to replace the destroyed building.

A passing automobile summoned help from the village and a pumper truck was sent. Pumping water from the Saranac River nearby, firemen directed three streams into the blaze and on to outlying barns and cottages, all of which were saved.

The three-story, frame structure seasoned by nearly 25 years of service as a popular family summer resort, fell a quick prey to the flames, which started in the cellar, it is thought, from defective wiring. By daylight all that was left of the hotel was a smouldering heap in the cellar, a tangle of pipes and parts of two brick chimneys.

The building was erected 23 years ago by James Mannix, now retired and residing in Saranac Lake, on the site of the old Horace Morehouse homestead, which was also destroyed by fire. Mr. Vosburgh purchased the property in 1921. It had 25 guest rooms and was widely known.

Tupper Lake Herald, Thursday, October 20, 1927

8,000 Raised for Adirondack Track

Negotiations with Wm. R. Vosburgh for the purchase of the St. Armand race track and former hotel site on the Bloomingdale road have been completed, it was recently announced by the commission in charge of the project to establish a horse racing centre near Saranac Lake. An agreement of purchase has been signed and the initial payment on the property has been signed and the initial payment on the property has been made, according to the announcement. The subscription campaign for financial support of the race track venture has resulted in $8,000 being underwritten.

September 9, 1952

Twenty-five years ago today

Definite announcement of plans for a fair and driving association, including the taking of an option on the St. Armand hotel and race track property on the Bloomingdale road, was made by Francis B. Cantwell in behalf of a committee organized to further the project.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, August 21, 1952

Our Town

Remember! When the hotel St. Armand was on the Bloomingdale road?

Of course I don't, but I found them all in that very interesting Saranac Lake Directory for 1906 that David L. Bushey very kindly loaned me.

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1. Adirondack Daily Enterprise, March 19, 1952, "Twenty-five years ago today"