Jerry Pasho's shaving parlor and smoke shop, 33 Main Street. Undated, but before 1930.
Historic Saranac Lake Collection, 2022.42.53. Gift of Maureen Roberts
Born: 1877

Died: 1942

Married: Daisy Marie Quin (1894-1966), married June 4, 1923

Children: John Pasho, Lizzie Pasho

Jerry Pasho operated a shaving parlor and smoke shop at 33 Main Street, across the street from the Harrietstown Town Hall. The plate glass window at the front of his shop was cracked by the intense heat from the fire when the town hall burned to the ground, July 25, 1926. 

He was one of 18 children of Maxime and Philomena Pasho of Keeseville. He served as Harrietstown town clerk.

He was a member of the Men's Social Club, the Elks Club and the Knights of Columbus.

He is buried in Harrietstown Cemetery.

Lake Placid News, June 1, 1923,


C. J. Ayres of Saranac Lake has purchased the building owned by Jerry Pasho opposite the town hall in that village. He will rebuild the front and provide for his real estate and insurance offices on the second floor. Mr. Pasho expects to still continue his barber shop in the building.

Adirondack Record-Elizabethtown Post, October 10, 1935

Doctor Pays Double To Have His Hair Cut

Dr. F. B. Trudeau, secretary of the board of trustees of Trudeau sanitarium, paid double for a haircut Tuesday—the 121st time he has done that in 20 years. Dr. Trudeau, son of the late Dr. Edward L. Trudeau, founder of the sanitarium, was celebrating an anniversary. For 20 years, once a month, Jerry Pasho has cut his hair. At the start they agreed to toss a coin before each tonsorial ministration—"double or nothing." If Dr. Trudeau had won today, they would have been even on the 250th haircut. But Pasho won and became one up, for he has had to cut the tuberculosis specialist's hair without charge only 119 times.