Lake Flower Regatta in 1930. At left is the Oh Boy, owned by Frank Baker and someone named Hill.
The Saranac Lake Boys' Club, built on Pontiac Bay in 1914, is visible just behind the trees at left.
Historic Saranac Lake Collection, 2022.17.8.95. Courtesy of the Duquette/Rice Families.

The Lake Flower Regatta, also known as the Saranac Lake Regatta, was put on by the Saranac Lake Boat and Waterways Club between 1913 and 1980.

Malone Farmer, August 16, 1916

The regatta of the Saranac Lake Boat and Waterways Club will be held on Lake Flower on Friday, August 25, beginning at about 1:30 p. m. In the afternoon there will be a number of events which will include an open race for motor boats, a bang and go back race for motor boats, swimming races, tub races, canoe doubles, rowing singles, canoe mixed doubles, tilting match and a hurry-scurry race. Prizes will be awarded in the various events. In the evening of the day of the regatta there will be a concert by the Business Men's Band and there will be a general illumination of the waters of the lake and the residences which front on the lake. It is possible that some of the boats will be illuminated during the evening, but it is not intended to have any parade of motor boats either during the afternoon or the evening.

Lake Placid News, August 25, 1916

The programme is now complete for the third annual regatta of the Saranac Lake Boat and Waterways Club, Inc.. which will be held off Prescott Park on Friday afternoon and evening, August 25.

Lake Placid News, August 15, 1924


In spite of the disagreeable weather a large crowd of spectators turned out for the annual regatta held on Lake Flower Wednesday afternoon, by the Saranac Lake Boat and Water Ways Club, and the affair was a complete success.

Many of the speed boat entries were surprises to the spectators, particularly the "Experiment,” a high-powered boat owned by J . A. Galloway. This boat was crude in appearance, small in size but the speediest boat on the lake, fitted with a Chevrolet motor, it is capable of propelling the boat to a speed of 30 miles an hour.

The "Experiment" was the last to start in the main event and the first to cross the winning line, and had a lead of better than two minutes on its closest competitor.

The referee for the occasion was W. H. Scopes. Judges and occasion [sic] was W. H. Scopes; timers, Henry Lockwood and R. M. Obenchain. Starter, G. C. Jackson, and announcer, Livingston Chapman.

Adirondack Record-Elizabethtown Post, August 2, 1934

Saranac Lake Not To Hold Annual Regatta

Saranac Lake will not hold a motor boat. regatta this summer for the first time in 26 years J. A. Galaway, commodore of the Boat and Waterways club, announced a few days ago. Failure of the board to assist the club in sponsoring the regatta was given as the reason for its discontinuance.