2 Leona StreetLeona Street runs from the south end of William Street at Olive Street south and then east to Dorsey Terrace.  Leona Street does not appear on the 1917 Health Survey map.  It first appears in a news story in the local archived newspapers in 1924.  It used to go over to Petrova, but was interrupted by the building of the LaPan Highway.

Old Address Post-911 Address Building Name Cure Evidence/Notes
2 Leona Street 6 Leona Street 2 Leona Street TBSBC
3 Dorsey Terrace 68 Leona Street 3 Dorsey Terrace  
6 Leona Street   6 Leona Street  
8 Leona Street   8 Leona Street  
10 Leona Street 30 Leona Street McGuire Cottage DIS 1932
12 Leona Street   12 Leona Street  
14 Leona Street   14 Leona Street  
15 Leona Street 33 Leona Street Eagan Cottage DIS 1928
3 Dorsey Terrace 68 Leona Lane 3 Dorsey Terrace  

In this aerial view of Saranac Lake, Leona Lane is seen at lower left running down to the back of the Villa Dorsey marked by the red arrowThe photograph is undated but is before 1926 because the old Harrietstown Town Hall is visible at lower right.  The old footbridge across the Saranac River shows where the Lapan Highway would be built in 1958, at which time the Villa Dorsey and all of the other buildings in its path would be demolished, and Leona Street truncated.  The large cure cottage on the left edge of this photograph is extant.Adirondack Daily Enterprise, July 29, 1952

The condition of Leona street, on which Charles Cog an lives, was brought to the attention of the Board by Mr. Cogan.

“Work was started there in July, 1950, and still isn't finished. They drilled, blasted, broke windows and that's about as far as it went. “

“Thirty-five families and 16 cars occupy that section of Leona street,” he pointed out,” and still nothing is done. We fill up the holes with ashes the best we can but many times in the Spring and Fall we have to leave our cars elsewhere and walk to our homes.

Trustee Glogan suggested that “we should at least tell Charlie we will do something for him as soon as possible.”