Little Clear Pond, with St. Regis Mountain in the background, at right Little Clear Pond is a 385-acre pond on the southeastern corner of the St. Regis Canoe Area west of Lake Clear, which was originally called "Big Clear Pond". The western and northern shores are part of the Canoe Area, and the remaining shoreline is part of the Saranac Lakes Wild Forest. The pond has special fishing regulations because it is used by the nearby Fish Hatchery. There is no camping. There is a popular canoe carry leading from the north end of Little Clear to St. Regis Pond.

Loons and bald eagles are drawn to the pond by the hatchery's fish.

Franklin Gazette, January 15, 1886

The damage to the Adirondack fish hatchery at little Clear Pond by high water is not heavy. Most of the spawn and young fry were saved.