Paul Smith's College Residence Hall

Address: 81 Church Street

Old Address: 9 - 13 Church Street

Other names:

Year built: 1987

Architect: Ralph Warburton, FAIA, Coral Gables, Florida

Other information: Paul Smith's College Residence Hall replaced several repurposed buildings on or near its site. These included the site of the former Northwoods Sanatorium, on the right; the former Northwoods Day Cottage behind it; and the Dr. Washington Oakey House (later the Jewish Community Center) on the left. Paul Smith's College had been using the Northwoods Day Cottage and another house on Academy Street (which the college also tore down) as dormitories for their Hospitality and Culinary Arts students when the college owned the Hotel Saranac. They were also using two floors of the former Saranac Laboratory building next door for student housing and one floor — the John Black Room — as a classroom. The Northwoods Sanatorium site was vacant and was used for parking, as the sanatorium had burned previously.

The Residence Hall is located in the center of the Church Street Historic District to which it is non-contributing. After a year or two of vacancy, it is again in use for student housing (2010-11). A contract for sale has been extended another year.

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