33 Broadway A silver Temming bracelet A silver Temming pin and earrings A copper pin, handwrought by Temming Three Temming pins: cat, penguin, fawnReverse of the pinThe reverse of the silver fawn Address: 33 Broadway

Old Address: 40-42 Broadway

Other names: Sagendorf Restaurant; L.E. Cheesman Cigar Store; Nick's Radio & Refrigeration Service(1936); Nick's Electric Store (1938-40); Morgan's 11; Edgewater Pizza

Year built: The site has been occupied since at least 1895, but the 1916 Sanborn Map shows the site vacant. The Temming Art Studio sold jewelry, made in the Arts and Crafts style that was taught at the Scholfield Memorial Workshop at Trudeau Sanatorium.

Temming Art Studio was run by husband and wife Martin Koop and Betty Koop.


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Postcard of Temmings Art Studio, from a 2016 "Adirondack Attic" story on ncpr with Andy Flynn and Laura Rice of the Adirondack Museum: