November 2014, by Jay Freeman (CC BY-SA)

Chase Bank is a national bank that has a branch in Isla Vista, opened in fall 2012. While not the first bank to open a branch in Isla Vista since the Bank of America was burned down in the 1970s, they are the first full-service branch office for a bank since that time. They are in the location that used to be home to Isla Vista Surf Company.

It's a convenient place to get quarters for laundry; they don't mind if you're not a Chase customer.

A Daily Nexus article says "According to the minutes of a South County Board of Architectural Review board meeting in November 2011, Chase was advised to build the bank in an artistic style that suits the Isla Vista atmosphere." The renovated building removed a mural (see Lost Murals of Isla Vista) but added a decorative mosaic.

Around the time Chase Bank set up shop, there was a petition asking them to leave, as a corporation not fitting the spirit of IV and as a contributor to increasing prices in the neighborhood.

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