The community is located in the south west corner of Mississauga, along the banks of Lake Ontario. The community is bordered by Lake Ontario to the south, Oakville to the west, the neighbourhoods of Erindale and Erin Mills  to the north, and Lorne Park to the East.


In 1808, Warren Clarkson and his brother Joshua left their home in Albany, New York, bought farmland near Lake Ontario, and opened the first store in what would be known as Clarkson.

A post office was opened in the family store and William Clarkson, Warren's son, became the postmaster. Clarkson community never grew very large. It had a few houses and shops along Clarkson Road, a railway station, a school, and a church. Less than one hundred people lived in this quiet community. In 1856, Captain Edward Sutherland (1794-1885) moved to Clarkson with his seven children. A widower, he purchased "Bush's Inn," a former inn and coach house that was the halfway point between Hamilton, Ontario and Toronto (this building, a private residence, still stands on Clarkson Road South). Here, he is said to have introduced both strawberry and raspberry cultivation to the area. Commercial fruit farming expanded in the area through the rest of the 19th and into the early 20th century. The Sutherlands later became connected by marriage to the Harrises of Benares (see "Sites of Interest" below).


The surrounding area consists of a mix of homes, some of the last major industrial sites in Mississauga outline the community, These include:

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  • a Petro Canada Oil Refinery, which produces lubricants
  • a St Lawrence Cement Terminal, which distributes cement via truck throughout Toronto.
  • Clarkson Secondary School, grades 9 through 12.
  • CFRB 1010 AM Radio Transmitter, with 4 identical guyed masts which stand approximately 550-600 ft tall, making them the tallest structures in Mississauga, and used for navigation by small aircraft and watercraft. Located at the intersection of Southdown Rd. & Lakeshore Rd.
  • 1050 CHUM AM Radio Transmitter, a smaller transmission facility, located along the waterfront, located adjacent to St. Lawrence Cement factory
  • Orion Bus Industries. A major manufacturer of buses for public transportation.
  • Electrovaya A manufacturer of portable computers and batteries.
  • and an assortment of small farms.

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