How long does your daily commute add up to...

Commutting Tips

Routes When you're commuting a long way, especially when you're using Public Transit its always a good idea to know several ways to and from work e.g. map out all the different ways e.g. Different bus routes Go Transit Car Pool Car Sharing Bike and Walk

This will make your life a lot easier especially when you're regular route has a delay, cancellation, etc. Mississauga has a free transit map available also Go Transit has free schedules you can pick up. [This could be a great opportunity to create a comprehensive MT "user manual" to help make sense of the unintuitive schedules. –VictorBielawski] Also this can help prevent you from becoming a Transit Zombie

Clothing Check the weather, before you head out to work and dress accordingly. Even in the summer you should layer your clothing, a lot of busses blast the air conditioning. A light jacket in the summer will help your comfort and possibly avoid catching a cold.

Food Keep a snack with you, this will help you save money by avoiding impulse buying. Alternatively, take some time to find places ( restaurants or grocery stores ) to grab a snack on your route, you might just find a really cool place to grab some grub at a good price.

Things to do on your commute Read a book/magazine Listen to your MP3 Player - you can listen to audiobooks, news podcasts etc, it doesnt' have to be all music all the time. Sleep? Play a video game Talk on your cell Think about things to add to wikisauga:)