Erin Mills Parkway, Mississauga

Erin Mills Parkway starts at the QEW and runs north to its intersection with Mississauga Road and Turner Valley Road, just south of Highway 401. It runs through the neighbourhoods of Sheridan, Erin Mills, Central Erin Mills, Streetsville, and Meadowvale. South of the QEW, the same roadway continues south as Southdown Road and later as Lakeshore Road. Most of Erin Mills Parkway was once known as Fifth Line West.

Erin Mills Parkway is one of the regional roads that the Region of Peel maintains. During the 1970s, the Region of Peel assumed the length of Fifth Line West between Derry Road and the QEW and started constructing a six-lane expressway along the corridor. Most of the construction was done before development came, so most of the roadway follows the original Fifth Line exactly. In the two areas with pre-existing development, Vista Heights and Sheridan, the new expressway curved away and followed the backyards of the development, leaving behind two local streets. As part of the Streetsville realignment, Thomas Street was also realigned and was briefly a regional road. The section between Eglinton Avenue and Burnhamthorpe Road was also constructed away from the original Line because of the jog at Eglinton; no trace of the old alignment here remains today.

Like Derry Road, another regional road constructed slightly later, Erin Mills is quite depressing to walk on because of its utilitarian design, wide right of way, high speed traffic, and backage instead of frontage.

Major Intersections

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