popsicle patent #1,505,592 USPTO 1

Frank W. Epperson (August 11, 1894 – October 22, 1983) was the guy who invented the popsicle. He was granted US patent #1,505,592 on August 19, 1924, for "frozen confectionery". 1

Epperson originally called his creation the Ep-sicle. At some point his children convinced him to rename it the popsicle. Unfortunately he had to sell his patent in 1929; "I was flat and had to liquidate all my assets." 2

It is not clear where he lived when he invented the popsicle. The family lived in San Francisco in 1905 when Epperson's story took place: he says he left a stick in a container of water in overnight in the backyard and it froze, and it gave him the idea. Regardless, he lived in Oakland when he received his patent in 1924, and lived here from at least 1910 until his retirement in 1968.

Former Oakland residence

3300 Kingsland Avenue

Frank Epperson lived in this Maxwell Park house at 3300 Kingsland Avenue (the corner of Madera and Kingsland Avenues) in 1940, according to census data.

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