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The Port of Oakland is the fifth busiest container port in the US and the first port on the Pacific coast to handle large container ships. It was first used as a port in 1852 (the year of Oakland's incorporation) and was subsequently deepened and improved over many years. It began to accept container ships in 1962 1. The port runs along 19 miles of waterfront and sits on 900 acres of land used for maritime purposes and 2,600 acres for aviation purposes 2. The port owns real estate in Jack London Square and also operates Oakland International Airport.

The port is a major employer in West Oakland and a major contributor to pollution and resultant health problems in the nearby residential areas. Its cranes are a defining feature of the Oakland landscape and are a part of the Oakland popular imagination (appearing frequently on Oakland-related art, etc.). On Nov. 2, 2011, Occupy Oakland protestors marched to the Port and shut it down as part of an Oakland-wide general strike 3. On Nov. 20, port workers from SEIU Local 1021 went on strike at the airport and at the port. The strike disrupted activities of the port and by the end of the scheduled strike time on Nov. 20th, negotiations started again 4.

You can read more about the port's history and current activities on the official port homepage.

Here's an interesting article that describes how a port like Port of Oakland works and why it's not automated.


2012-11-29: "Worker strike at port of LA means ships are getting diverted to Port of Oakland and Mexico" 5

2012-12-06: "Oakland Airport concession workers threaten to strike" 6

2012-12-20: "After Audits, Port Officials Pledge Reforms" 7

2013-08-21: "Port of Oakland bets on big changes to steer global commerce to Bay Area" Oakland Tribune.

2016-01-21: "Port of Oakland loses tenant, will close second-largest terminal"

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