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The Oakland Tribune (February 21, 1874–April 4, 2016), was for over a century Oaklandʼs major daily newspaper. The Tribune, now owned by the Media News Group, as of April 5, 2016 became known as East Bay Times, an edition of the San Jose Mercury News rather than a separate publication.

In 2007, the Oakland Tribune moved from the Tribune Tower to new offices on Oakport Street, across Interstate 880 from the Oakland Coliseum. In 2012, the Tribune moved their offices back to downtown Oakland, with offices at 1970 Broadway. The Tribune Tower, a local and national landmark, remains, now housing several businesses and a ground-floor cafe. On March 1, 2016, the Bay Area News Group announced that the Tribune and the Contra Costa Times would be combined into a new paper (the East Bay Times), and the Trib will now be published as a weekly. 1

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first masthead, February 21, 1874 (entire paper)


ad in April 10, 1876 Daily Alta California

  • 1874: Oakland Daily Tribune founded by publisher Benet A. Dews and editor George B. Staniford
  • 1874-02-21: first published. The 6″×10″, 4-page paper sells for 5¢ and soon reaches a paid circulation of 1,000
  • 1876-07-24: William E. Dargie acquires controlling interest, using a loan from A.K.P. Harmon
  • 1915-11-02: Joseph R. Knowland acquires from Dargieʼs estate
  • 1918: Tribune moves to 13th and Franklin, former Breunerʼs location
  • 1923: signature Tribune Tower is completed
  • 1964: Joseph Knowland dies at 92; his son William F. Knowland takes over as publisher and editor
  • 1974: William Knowland dies; his son Joseph Knowland takes over
  • 1977: Tribune is sold to Combined Communications corporation
  • 1979: Gannett Newspapers publishes Eastbay Today, with a format that preceded USA Today
  • 1982: Robert C. Maynard takes over
  • 1993: Maynard dies; Tribune is sold to ANG (the Alameda Newspaper Group) which moves to JLS
  • 1998: Tribune moves back to restored tower
  • 2006: ANG purchases San Jose Mercury News and Contra Costa Times, becomes Bay Area Newspaper Group
  • 2007-05-20: Tribune moves to offices near I-880
  • 2012-06-11: Tribune moves to 1970 Broadway
  • 2016-04-04: Tribune expires as a daily paper

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The Tribune Collection

In 1995, the Oakland Tribune donated its collection of news negatives and photographs, also known as its photo “morgue” to the Oakland Museum of California. The collection, with about 3,000 negatives and a million photographs, documents the history of the Bay Area and California from the early part of the century through the 1990s.  Copies of these images can be purchased from the museum. For more information, e-mail [email protected].

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